Syrian Government Names American Among Foreign Terrorists Caught In Aleppo [Video]

The Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, Bashar Ja’afari, held a press conference on Monday during which he addressed a United Nations Security Council Resolution 2328, which is a demand for “immediate, unhindered access” for agents to monitor the evacuation of civilians from the city of Aleppo. Ja’afari characterized the resolution as a “hysterical” move by a commission scrambling to evacuate foreign agents from the city who have been working with terrorists.

Ja’afari noted that in the past, the Syrian government has always allowed UN observers to monitor relief efforts and have never found any wrongdoing by the Assad government. This access, Ja’afari said, came at great cost to the Syrian government as members of the Syrian Army often died while protecting the observers from snipers and terrorist fire.

“France and Britain’s insistence on presenting and adopting such a resolution is just another part of the continuing propaganda against Syria and its fight against terrorists. While we respect the Security Council resolutions we are aware of the real purpose of their efforts, which is to protect the terrorists.”

Ja’afari continued to say that the Syrian government “respects international and humanitarian law, and the protection of civilians” by providing medical or food assistance and also by protecting educational facilities.

Aleppo [Image by Hassan Ammar/AP Images]

During his 18-minute speech, Ja’afari emphasized that the United Nations had failed in its duty to protect Syrians from terrorism. He claimed that the Syrian government has provided 80 percent of the relief work as opposed to the United Nations or other charity organizations.

“The Syrian government authorities have gathered information saying that many foreign officers, intelligence and military officers, who are in eastern part of Aleppo with the terrorists groups are trying to exit their string of strongholds.”

His scathing report indicated that the Syrian government had discovered the identities of many supposed “moderate” Syrian terrorists as being from foreign countries.

“These Syrian moderate opposition individuals who have foreign citizenship and nationalities are trying to escape from the eastern part of Aleppo with the terrorists and this is why … you saw this hysterical move in the council for the last three days, because the main purpose is how to rescue these terrorists — foreigners, intelligence officers — from the same countries will push for the resolution.”

At around the 10-minute mark of his speech, Ja’afari began to name the foreign agents. Among those countries, he named David Scott Wiener, an American, as one of the foreign operatives that were still trapped in eastern Aleppo as of his press conference Monday.

In total, Ja’afari named at least six Saudis, one Jordanian, one Moroccan, and one Turkish foreign operative discovered among the terrorists attempting to flee the city. Ja’afari’s account is in direct conflict with the official narrative advanced by the United States and its allies and calls into question the veracity of Western claims against the Assad government.

The implication that an American was among the terrorists is damning, and the Syrian government’s allegations that David Scott Wiener may actually be an intelligence or military officer provides more fuel to the fire for critics of U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict.

The Western media has portrayed events in Syria, and Aleppo in particular, as one of rebels protecting Syrians from a murderous dictator, President Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, independent journalists who have spent their own money and risked their own lives to travel to the war-torn country have a different version of events.

A previous article I published describes how independent journalists, such as Eva Bartlett and the US Peace Council, have disputed Western claims that Assad is waging war against his own people and has alleged that the United States is one of the funders of the terrorist organizations that had taken over the city.

Syrian government names American among terrorists
A Syrian army soldier with national flag. [Image by Hassan Ammar/AP Images]

Lizzie Phelan, a journalist with RT (a Russian news agency), reported from the streets of Aleppo a week ago with a large group of Syrians celebrating the city’s liberation from terrorists. In the background of the celebrations, the sounds of war could still be heard, with shells and bombs still going off.

Syrian president Assad invited Russia to assist him in ridding the nation of the foreign rebel groups. Assad has also criticized the United States for funding terrorist organizations like ISIS, al-Nusra, and the Levant Front that have held the city of Aleppo captive for so long. Citizens who had fled their homes years ago were finally able to start returning home.

RT reports that “more than 700 militants laid down their arms and surrendered to the Syrian Army,” and that Russian bomb disposal engineers were still working to rid the streets of land mines in neighborhoods.

Critics of the United States, including Robert Kennedy, Jr., have claimed that the U.S.-led war in Syria is the result of two competing pipelines that would cross Syria: one Russian, one American. But a Truth-Out investigation discovered that narrative was false. The real reason for the hostilities (which were actually started under Bush and continued under Obama) was for the much simpler reason of protecting U.S. interests in the Middle East.

“After all, those military bases are what allow the United States to play at the role of hegemonic power in the Middle East, despite the disasters that have accompanied that role.”

As of Tuesday, there has been no real response from the United States regarding the Syrian government’s allegations of U.S.-funded terrorists involved in its civil war. And with the assassination of the Russian diplomat and ambassador, the situation has become even more urgent.

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