December 22, 2016
German Police Arrest Wrong Man in Christmas Terrorist Attack [Breaking]

According to recent reports, German police announced that they have arrested the wrong man.

"We have the wrong man," said a senior police chief. "And therefore a new situation. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage."

According to the Berliner, the blood and DNA found in the truck do not match the suspect.

Earlier reports of the man being a migrant are now under suspicion. Some reports even say that this is a misinformation campaign, and the German police do indeed have the correct assailant in jail, but they are just triple-checking their information to make sure or trying to find people that he worked with to plan the event out.

When the attack first started, the assailant opened a truck driver's door and killed the Polish man who was driving the truck. The terrorist then hijacked the truck and sent it full speed into a Christmas market filled with innocent families shopping for Christmas in Germany.

All special forces units in Berlin have been put on a special high alert status, as there are more terrorist attacks almost sure to happen during the holidays. Especially so, if this is confirmed to not be the suspect, then the real suspect is dangerous, armed, and at large.

Tunisian Anis Amri on a photo that was used on the documents found in the truck
24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri suspected in Berlin Christmas market attack [Image by German police/AP Images]

UPDATE: Twelve are confirmed dead and another 48 are confirmed injured in the attack in West Berlin. The prosecutors have released the suspect that they had, believing him to be innocent. Chancellor Angela Markel has publicly confirmed that she believes the attack to be an act of terrorism.

ISIS has just confirmed and claimed responsibility for the attack on the Christmas market in west Germany claiming the lives of 12 innocent people.

The Islamic State group stated that a "soldier" of theirs carried out the attack, and confirmed that he is linked to their jihadist network.

The Amaq, an ISIS-supporting news agency, explained, "A soldier of the Islamic State carried out the Berlin operation in response to appeals to target citizens of coalition countries."

They did not release the name of their "soldier," but they do support his actions.

Prosecutors have released the 23-year-old man they had suspected of carrying the attack out; the lack of evidence has led to his release. The man was targeted after a material witness to the crimes chased the attacker through Tiergarten Park. Apparently, he was running after and chasing the wrong person, as there wasn't enough evidence to hold him in jail.

The prosecutors have until midnight to request a formal detention order for the suspect they released, who if he really is the attacker, surely is outside of the country by now. Likewise, the real attacker, if he is someone else, is also surely outside of the country at this point in time.

The police chief of Berlin, Klaus Kandt, said he probably wasn't the driver of the vehicle that smashed through and destroyed Christmas for 12 families and the rest of West Berlin.

Firefighters inspect the site after a truck ran into a crowded Christmas market
Aftermath of Christmas Market attack in Berlin [Image by Michael Sohn/AP Images]

Rumors are floating around news agencies that there were no traces of blood of even gunfire residue detected on this person. There was confirmation of a murdered man with bullet wounds across his dead body that police found inside the driver's area of the truck.

United States President Barack Obama has reached out to Merkel and offered his assistance and most sincere condolences following the tragic attack. The German police were on high alert before Thanksgiving preparing for a terrorist attack during the Christian and Jewish holiday season.

A service has started in the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial Church to embrace and remember the loved ones who perished in the attack. So far, over 20 of the injured people have been released from the hospital and are back home with their families.

One political correspondent for a German news station who was at the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial Church viewing the event released a tweet that said, "Gedenken in der Gedächtniskirche. Gut, dass auch Muslime und Muslima da sind," which translates to "it is good that Muslims are also here."

[Featured Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]