Glenn Beck, Samantha Bee Go ‘Full Frontal’ Against Donald Trump [Video]

Glenn Beck and Samantha Bee are strange bedfellows, indeed. In the latest episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Glenn Beck and Bee came together to discuss a point the liberal and conservative commentators largely agree on, which was President-elect Donald Trump. Along the way, the two donned (very) ugly Christmas sweaters and found points of agreement before literally biting each other’s heads off. You can watch the Full Frontal “Strange Bedfellows” segment in the video below.

Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal, sat down to talk with Glenn Beck about Donald Trump.
Samantha Bee Sat Down With Glenn Beck On Full Frontal [Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]

Glenn Beck, Samantha Bee Try To Bridge The Gap

For two personalities that are ostensibly known as political hardliners, Beck on the conservative side and Bee on the liberal side respectively, the pair certainly have, over the last year, been critical of their own groups and of the tenor of American public discourse itself. Samantha Bee opened the Full Frontal segment by addressing this issue.

“Those of you who only read about me know that I’m an ultra liberal harpy paid by ‘Killary’ to cr*p on everything decent in America,” Bee began. “While those who actually watch the show are probably dismayed by how not true that is.”

Bee then played a montage of footage from her show spanning the current election cycle and the campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The footage points out that Samantha Bee was often critical of Hillary Clinton on Full Frontal, something that angered many liberal commentators, as reported previously by the Inquisitr, as well as showing her praising and being conciliatory to many prominent conservatives and Republicans, including the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Bee then moved into her introduction of Glenn Beck.

“I happen to have lots of conservative friends, and this holiday, I made one more.”

Glenn Beck himself has, in recent times, been very critical of the conservative movement he is known for helping create. In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, Beck discussed the deteriorating nature of American political discourse that led to the election of Donald Trump.

“Let’s just take it from 2000: George W. Bush was called an idiot, among other things. It got so bad that Republicans and conservatives just stopped listening to the media, because we made everything about jingoism… They stopped listening to people on the left. Now we’re here in crazy town. What we need now is for reasonable people to sit down with each other and say: O.K., your guy wasn’t the end of the world. My guy wasn’t the end of the world. How can we talk to each other?”

Glenn Beck has been deeply critical of Donald Trump. In the same interview, Beck said that Trump could be “one of the most dangerous presidents to ever come into the Oval Office.”

Glenn Beck, conservative pundit, sat down on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee to discuss Donald Trump.
Anti-Trump Conservative Pundit Glenn Beck [Colin Young-Wolff/AP Images]

Beck and Samantha Bee sat down in this context. During the first portion of the segment, they joked about how both of their audiences would likely be very skeptical of the meeting.

“My audience would like to stab you relentlessly in the eye,” Beck quipped, to which Bee replied, “my audience wants to kill me for normalizing a lunatic like yourself.”

The two strange bedfellows did indeed find a good bit to agree on, however. Both Beck and Bee expressed a desire for bi-partisan cooperation. Glenn Beck acknowledged his previous role in spreading division, encouraging Bee not to “make the same mistake” and divide people against one another along partisan lines. They also came to an agreement that they must unite to fight not Donald Trump, but “Trumpism,” and work to raise the quality of public American political and social discourse. Beck and Bee even – in an awkwardly funny moment – reached out and joined hands.

Then, they cut the cake. Out came a cake baked in the form of Beck and Bee on a bed together, a literal embodiment of the pair as “strange bedfellows.” They cut into it and, as a final gesture of tentative goodwill, ate each other’s heads.

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck seem to have united over Donald Trump. Will America do the same?

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