December 20, 2016
Bill Maher Asked If Donald Trump Is An Atheist [Video]

Bill Maher is on hiatus, so the below video gives Bill's thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump that Maher did not get to previously express during his show. Warning: The below video of Maher discussing some issues surrounding Trump contains language that might be offensive to some viewers. Maher was able to touch on topics ranging from religion to saying Merry Christmas, to whether or not he believes Trump is a Christian, as was previously claimed about Trump -- as reported by the Inquisitr -- or if Maher thinks Trump is an atheist like him.

It was funny to be sued by Trump before, but now that Trump has power, it's scary, Maher said. Bill said now he feels like the shark circling at the bottom of the glass-bottom boat – Trump, that is – can get to him. Previously, Maher claimed that President George W. Bush hated him as well, but Bill felt like Mr. Bush was one of those sharks who couldn't get to him.

Maher called Trump's cabinet appointments from "Opposite Land," such as not tapping Ben Carson for Surgeon General, but appointing him as housing lead. Bill loved that President Obama said Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave over Trump's alleged relationship with Russia. When there are factions in the government who are dead set against one candidate, it's a problem, according to Maher.

Maher also touched on the future of marijuana – or "Maher-ijuana" as a potential product name that Bill said folks are already bandying about for Bill's product. Maher's fears of marijuana raids that he has seen the Feds conduct in the past -- even as weed was legalized in California -- could come true again, according to Bill.

"Don't piss off your old dealer."
That was Bill's advice on the future of marijuana sales.

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Maher also advised folks to run Gavin Newsome as the Democratic nominee in 2020. Newsome is a tall, good-looking guy who is on the correct side of issues, according to Bill. Maher joked about Trump calling Gavin a guy "straight from central casting" when referring to Newsome's handsome appearance. Bill agreed that Newsome looks the part of a future president.

Maher laughed at the question that debated whether or not Trump's Twitter should be taken away. Bill said that it's not whether Trump should have access to social media – but Maher likened Trump to the "Pizza Rat" who couldn't let anything go. Maher said the problem with Trump was more based on the fact that Trump believes in attacking those that attack him.

Bill, as a prominent atheist, was asked if he thinks Trump himself is an atheist or a person of faith.

"Donald Trump is his own god. You can't really be a person of faith if you think you're the most important person in the universe."
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Regarding Trump saying that everyone will be able to say "Merry Christmas" again, Maher called it a distraction that Democrats shouldn't take the bait being dangled about – seeing as though Maher called himself a prominent atheist that also says "Merry Christmas," even though the words don't particularly matter to Maher. About Trump's claims that nobody knows the Bible better than him, Maher joked that it was just another bragging moment that Trump adopts whenever anyone brings up Trump's potential lack of knowledge of something. Maher said Trump would pretend to be an expert at cave exploration if someone asked Trump about spelunking.

Meanwhile, Maher had harsh words for the Dakotas.

"Why do we need two Dakotas? There should not be four senators from the Dakotas. We should have 15 f****** Californias."
The video is currently No 1. on YouTube's trending list, and is titled "Bill Maher Just Broke His Silence to Address Donald Trump."

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