Paulina Gretzky Shows Off Sexy Halloween Costumes

How many costumes can one person wear? It looks like Paulina Gretzky is in the middle of a week long Halloween celebration. The Great One’s beautiful daughter has sent out several photos of her Halloween costumes over the last few days.

So what did Paulina Gretzky dress up as for Halloween? Well, so far she’s been a sexy cop, a sexy circus ring leader lion tamer thing, a sexy Deadmau 5, a sexy school girl and a sexy cop.

No word on what Gretzky’s costume will be on actual Halloween but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that it will be a sexy (fill in the blank).

Gretzy, the beautiful daughter of Wayne Gretzky, frequently posts scandalous pictures to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Wayne has had a talk with his daughter several times about how she uses social media and once, long ago, Paulina promised to tame down her accounts.

Paulina fans can start rejoicing, however, because it looks like those days are long gone.

Here are some of Paulina Gretzky’s sexy Halloween costumes.

Sexy Cop

paulina gretzky

Sexy Girl in a Deadmau 5 Mask

paulina gretzky

Sexy lion tamer

paulina gretzky sexy halloween costume

Sexy school girl

paulina gretzky

Are you a fan of Paulina Gretzky? What did you think of her sexy Halloween costumes? Here are a few more to help you decide.

paulina gretzky sexy halloween costume paulina gretzky sexy halloween costume paulina gretzky sexy halloween costume

Gretzky may be best known for her scandalous Twitter account but The Great One’s daughter could soon be making her movie debut. Paulina has reportedly scored a role in the Adam Sandler movieGrown Ups 2.

What do you think of Paulina Gretzky’s sexy Halloween costumes?