May 24, 2017
Cat With Pounds Of Dreadlocked Matted Fur Rescued After Elderly Owner Dies

There are photos of a cat being shared on Facebook that are truly unbelievable, but according to Snopes, they are real. The cat's name is Hidey, and the calico cat suffered for quite some time with fur that was so matted that one can almost feel the pain of dragging around so much dreadlocked fur. On Facebook, many people are commenting that they didn't realize a cat's fur could get so matted to the point of locking, but indeed it did, according to the Facebook page of the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center.

The rescue shelter uploaded the photos of the cat, along with a description explaining that the cat got that way after being neglected for years and was only helped after her elderly owner died. The viral story and photos of the cat with pounds of matted fur are being used as a warning for people to check on their elderly loved ones and their pets. Apparently, if someone had checked on the pet owner and pet, the cat's fur likely would not have gotten to such a poor condition.

cat with dreadlocks
[Image by Facebook/Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center]

"This poor cat was brought to our clinic yesterday after her elderly owner passed away. She suffered from severe matting (dreadlocks, really), the likes of which had been neglected for years. Our Medical team shaved off the pounds of intertwined fur from her body &, needless to say, this cat is feeling so much better now! She will be cared for by a distant relative of her previous owner & finally have a chance at a happy & healthy life. Please remember to not only check on the elderly in your community, but also check on their animals to prevent instances like this from happening in the future."
Many people who've witnessed the photos of the cat with the dreadlocked fur can't believe it's real and don't understand how the cat got in such a condition, even without the cat being brushed regularly. Some are arguing within the comments section of the viral Facebook post, with certain individuals saying the dead pet owner should not be blamed because obviously as an elderly pet owner unable to properly take care of the cat, something was amiss. Others are noting that if the elderly person had properly received adequate visits from loved ones or family, the condition of the cat should also have been addressed.

shaved cat
[Image by Facebook/Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center]

Yet others commenting on the viral post are wondering if the dreadlocks on the cat were intentionally placed that way by the pet's owner. Either way, most people are relieved to see that the cat has had all that fur shaved off and is doing well. Many people are commenting that upon initially seeing the photos of the cat, they mistook the pounds of dreadlocked fur as kittens surrounding the cats -- or ferrets or some other small furry animals on the cat.

There haven't been many more details about the cat that have been released by the shelter, such as the age of the cat. The cat did appear to have possibly been sedated as all the matted fur was shaved off, likely to help prevent a further painful situation for the cat. The comments being published beneath the photos theorize that the cat's owner may have had dementia or been in a state of existence where they obviously couldn't properly care for the cat, and folks are wondering why the distant relative who rescued the cat couldn't help sooner.

After being shaved, the original colors of the cat's fur could be seen.

[Featured Image by Facebook/Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center]