Zak Bagans Calls Out Nick Groff For Allegedly Using 'Ghost Adventures' To Promote Himself?

Did Zak Bagans recently call out Nick Groff for allegedly using Ghost Adventures to promote himself and his TV shows? Several times over the last 14 hours, Zak Bagans has accused someone -- allegedly former lead investigator Nick Groff -- of using the Ghost Adventures name as a promotional tool.

In three separate tweets starting late Monday, Zak Bagans tells someone, who fans are assuming is Nick Groff, to stop using Ghost Adventures in his "resume of achievements," saying it's deceptive because he was fired from the long-running paranormal reality TV show.

According to Zak Bagans on Twitter, Nick Groff was fired for doing "bad things," and now Bagans is disgusted to see him using the Ghost Adventures name to promote new shows, including Groff's own paranormal reality TV series, Paranormal Lockdown. Just days after the second season of Paranormal Lockdown aired on TLC, Zak Bagans began tweeting how he's disgusted that Nick Groff continues to use Ghost Adventures as part of his resume after he was allegedly fired from the show in late 2014.

"Disgusted to see someone using our show name Ghost Adventures to keep promoting shows and himself that we want absolutely nothing to do with," tweeted Zak on Monday.

Without actually ever calling out Nick Groff by name in a series of three tweets, loyal fans of Ghost Adventures immediately knew who Zak Bagans was referring to. Some fans even said that Nick Groff has the right to promote Paranormal Lockdown by adding that he was previously on Ghost Adventures for over five years, including appearing in the 2004 Syfy Channel documentary by the same name. For most of 10 seasons, starting in October 2008 with the series premiere episode on the Travel Channel, through October 2014, Nick Groff was a co-investigator with Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, as well as executive producer, editor, and cameraman.

Fans were shocked in November of 2014 when Nick Groff announced on social media that he would no longer be with Ghost Adventures, saying that he was honored to have helped build the show, adding that he loves all of his fans and would see them soon. AXS reported that Nick Groff gave no specific reason for leaving Ghost Adventures, but fans assumed it was due to his new paranormal show on Destination America called Ghost Stalkers. However, there was some speculation that the investigation of the so-called "Demon House," owned by Zak Bagans, actually caused Nick Groff to suddenly quit Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans even made a public statement in 2014 that one of his production crew "quit on the spot" during the Demon House investigation, but never mentioned a name. Shortly after, Nick Groff announced his departure from Ghost Adventures, and now Zak Bagans is saying that Groff was actually fired for doing unspecified "bad things." TMZ announced in February that Zak Bagans demolished the Demon House, but the damage had already been done to Ghost Adventures viewership, which dropped considerably starting with Season 11 in August of 2015 after Nick Groff had left the show.

Again, without actually naming names, Zak Bagans sent out a second tweet on Monday night telling someone -- fans can only assume that "someone" is Nick Groff -- to do something 100 percent original "for one time in your life." Some Twitter followers agree with Zak Bagans, saying that "people" should not reduce his reputation with their "tainted" name. Nick Groff has apparently been promoting his new show, Paranormal Lockdown, by saying he's "formerly [of] Ghost Adventures." But some Ghost Adventures fans on Twitter are saying they are "completely lost" and have no idea who Zak Bagans is talking about.

Dead Air Paranormal online radio show hosts George Lopez and Mike Boler reported in a YouTube video in December of 2014 how fans were rioting outside the home of Zak Bagans in Las Vegas, Nevada, after hearing that Nick Groff would no longer be on Ghost Adventures. Breaking news from Dead Air Paranormal stated that Zak Bagans had fired Nick Groff, but fans were saying he left Ghost Adventures of his own free will during the Demon House investigation. Still, other rumors circulated that Zak Bagans actually fired Nick Groff for breaching his contract by producing Ghost Stalkers while also producing Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans, 39, tweeted that he doesn't want anything to do with shows from the unspecified person who keeps using the name Ghost Adventures for self-promotion after he was fired. Some Ghost Adventures fans are now being blocked by Zak Bagans on Twitter for pointing out that they know he's talking about Nick Groff. Those same fans say that Nick Groff has every right to include Ghost Adventures on his resume because he was a part of Ghost Adventures for nearly all of 10 seasons. Other fans say that Zak Bagans has every right to block who he wants to block on Twitter and that true Ghost Adventures fans should not support that "other guy."

Fans of both Zak Bagans and Nick Groff see no harm in supporting both shows, even though some of those same fans agree that Paranormal Lockdown is not even in the "same league" as Ghost Adventures, calling it "awful" and "downright terrible." Viewership of Paranormal Lockdown, starring Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, formerly from Paranormal State, does fall short of Ghost Adventures viewership, even though the Season 1 series premiere was a "huge hit" for Destination America back in March, according to TV Over Mind. Ghost Adventures, still starring Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, continued to pick up viewers with Season 13 that aired in September after initially losing some viewers with the absence of Nick Groff for the second half of Season 10.

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