USD Sports Management Students All Set To Attend South Carolina Conference

The Division of Kinesiology and Sports Management (KSM) of the University of South Dakota (USD) is experiencing an all time high! From March 22 to 24, the University of South Carolina would be holding the annual Sports Entertainment and Venues Tomorrow conference and has invited six students of the KSM course to compete at this annual event.

According to the chair of the kinesiology and sports management division, Robin Ammon, entertainment industry, sports leaders, and students come together in this conference along with those who teach future leaders for studying and analyzing tomorrow's entertainment, sport, and venues industry.

Sports Education at Universities
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The University of South Dakota offers the online Master of Arts (M.A.) in Kinesiology and Sports Management which is a degree program constituting 33 credit hours and a specialization in Sports Management.

This course aims to build expertise in the business of sport. So far as master's degree in Sports Management is concerned, there is an increasing demand for this course amongst sports administrators, licensed teachers, athletic directors, and coaches, within South Dakota and the surrounding states.

The curriculum of this course has been designed keeping in mind the interests of the working professional or adult learners. Students are free to enroll on a part-time basis and complete graduation within a period of two years.

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They can also enroll for a full-time course wherein it will take 14 months to complete the program.

The invitation of the six KSM students for the annual conference is a moment of glory for USD. The students who have the opportunity for participating are Khorey Kilgore, Mike Bartos, Phillip Wells, Robel Tewelde, Craig Monahan, and Ravan Kott.

The students will prepare oral arguments by a case study, while academy and industry experts will judge the same.

As Ammon says, these six students are extremely excited about the fact that they would be representing the University of South Dakota in the conference. They look forward to having an enriching experience and boost their knowledge in the field of Sports Management. Ammon further states that while academics will always remain the top priority for the students, they also acquire highly rewarding leadership opportunities through these experiences outside the university boundaries.

USD is keen to prepare the students both within and outside the limits of the classroom, and the participation of the students in this conference would be a great addition to this program at large.

The past three decades have seen a considerable amount of growth in education programs focusing on sports management. Some universities and colleges are offering graduate programs, master level courses, as well as MBAs in the sports management field. Online databases are even available for aspiring sports business professionals so that they can search for the right program and university for the most appropriate education in sports management.

North America's sports market is expected to touch the $73.5 billion mark in 2019. The industry is prospering with some opportunities in sports. However, the competition to grab these opportunities has also increased, with the need for the proper course felt to a greater extent.

The University of South Dakota, founded in the year 1862, is the state's sole public liberal arts university. It has 71 graduate programs and 206 undergraduate programs, boasts an enrollment of over 10,000 students in the full range of courses, and has 400+ faculty members.

The university is also home to the only medical and law schools of the State besides housing the National Music Museum. The National Music Museum has more than 15,000 American and European instruments on its display and is one of the largest museums to have such unique collection of musical instruments in the country.

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