[Hurricane Sandy] Amid The Devastation Of Hurricane Sandy, Fake Photos Abound [Photos]

Hurricane Sandy has just left the New York/New Jersey area and left a path of devastation in its wake. Sandy has also left a trail of ridiculous photos that people are spreading around that are claiming really silly stuff happened during the storm. Luckily for us, The Atlantic put together some samples of real ones and fake ones that we can share with you right now.

The fake photos are generally coming out in three different ways. Real photos from previous disasters, photoshopped pictures, and old photoshopped pictures.

The fakes come in three varieties: (1) Real photos that were taken long ago but that pranksters reintroduce as images of Sandy, (2) photoshopped images that are straight up fake, and (3) the combination of the first two, old Photoshopped pictures being trotted out again.

This first whopper was reported all over the web (even here at The Inquisitr). It shows a shark swimming in front of a house that is flooded. The first picture is the original the second is an animated GIF showing the photoshopped work.

Fake SharkFake Shark Gif

This one shows what actually happened at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie commented on the roller coaster washing out to sea.

Seaside Heights Roller Coaster

This next one is real but was taken years ago after a flash flood in the Philippines.

Dog Fake

This next one is so bad, it was actually taken from a movie. Notice the bad CGI. It was taken from The Day After Tomorrow!

The Day After Tomorrow

Then there were a whole bunch of authentic photos that show how bad the devastation was.

Ground Zero


Ground Zero

This one of the ship is totally real.

Hurricane Sandy Tanker

And finally the view from Atlantic City, New Jersey:

Atlantic City New Jersey