December 20, 2016
Amber Portwood And Simon Saran Both Returning To 'Teen Mom'? Producers Are Pulling Strings

Amber Portwood was shocked to hear that her co-star, Farrah Abraham, didn't feel bad about anything she had said while Teen Mom was airing on MTV. Throughout the season, both Farrah and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, had said mean things about Amber and her boyfriend, Matt Baier, including alluding to Amber's past with drugs and Matt looking like a pedophile. When they all got together at the Teen Mom reunion special, Portwood lost her cool and rushed the stage. She got physical with Farrah, and it sounds like the tensions have not resolved since the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood was happily sharing pictures of her daughter this week on Twitter when she heard that Simon was talking about her on his Twitter account. It sounds like Portwood is done dealing with both Saran and Farrah Abraham, but he can't really seem to let things go with her. They have already been in several Twitter feuds about real-estate, as Portwood has started flipping houses. But Simon, who has worked in the industry for a while, has had plenty of things to say about Portwood.

"I'm over here posting pics of my daughter while others are posting things about me?? Something's wrong here? Seems like someone is obsessed," Amber Portwood tweeted recently, hinting that she was posting pictures of her daughter Leah while Simon Saran was repeatedly talking about her on his Twitter account.

But it sounds like Portwood is getting plenty of support from her Teen Mom fans and people would rather see her continue on the show than give Simon even more time on Teen Mom alongside Farrah.

"My mother was an addict who I lost to suicide at 20. So proud of you for getting clean & happy for Leah to have her mom," one person replied to Amber Portwood, to which she wrote back, "I'm so sorry Hun..Sending love and light your way. Keep your head up sweety."

"Why is Simon even on TMOG? He's nobody but Farrah's latest sex partner who doesn't want to marry her!" one person wrote in defense of Amber, while another person added, "Who would want to marry that mess it looks like its in drag every time she's on tv. He's only on it for the 'fame'."

But it doesn't sound like Saran has been speaking with MTV producers behind Amber's back and it sounds like creator Morgan Freeman is willing to give him what he wants to get him to come back to the show. And it sounds like Saran wants a million dollars to come back to the show, if he needs to deal with Amber Portwood and her boyfriend, Matt Baier. And it sounds like the producers are willing to give him what he wants, as he announced that he's excited to work with MTV and the producers.

"Looks like my demands are being met. I look forward to my million dollars! thank you Morgan Freeman. Nothing but love for MTV," Saran tweeted recently, tagging the Teen Mom creator in the tweet, sharing that he may be getting a huge paycheck for returning to the show.

"Yeah bring Amber back alright, bring her back another chance at Beating Farrah's Ass HA," one person replied to Simon, while others wrote, "Simon are u jealous? And if your business is so good how do you have time to stalk twitter and fight with girls?" and "[Teen Mom] is the highest rated show on MTV... Y do u think that they play reruns all day and night..Lol wake up girls!"

What do you think of the fighting between Amber Portwood and Saran? Do you think the producers will get both Amber and Saran to return to the show next season?

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]