September 7, 2017
Fifth Harmony Drama Continues: Ally Brooke Hernandez Unfollows Band Account After Leaked 'Slaves' Audio

Fifth Harmony's drama-filled 24 hours is continuing after band member Ally Brooke Hernandez allegedly unfollowed the band's official account on Instagram amid swirling breakup rumors, mere hours after it was announced that Camila Cabello had left the group and audio leaked online thought to feature Lauren Jauregui comparing herself and her bandmates to "slaves."

A number of Fifth Harmony fans posted screen shots proving that Ally had in fact unfollowed the band's Instagram account, which has over 7 million followers, on December 20 just hours after Fifth Harmony's official page posted a second statement in response to Camila's take on her decision leaving the band, causing rumors to swirl that the group could be on the verge of a breakup.

"Ally unfollowed Fifth Harmony on Instagram..." Fifth Harmony fan account @ShadyFacts5H tweeted out after Brooke opted to unfollow the band's group account on the social media site, while other fans, known as Harmonizers, also threw in their two cents regarding Ally's decision to unfollow Fifth Harmony on the 140-character site.

"Ally unfollowed the 5h band [account on Instagram]. Ally Brooke Hernandez is done. She knows they full of s***. Good job THAT'S MY GIRL," Twitter user @malditaregui wrote of Ally unfollowing the account amid the break up speculation, and @camilaisfab wrote, "ALLY BROOKE HERNANDEZ F*****G UNFOLLOWED FIFTH HARMONY AND ITS NOT A RUMOUR ITS F*****G REAL I F*****G LOVE THAT GIRL."

Fifth Harmony
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"ALLY UNFOLLOWED FIFTH HARMONY ON INSTAGRAM. I AM ALIVE FOR THIS," Fifth Harmony fan @iLuff5thHarmony added of Ally unfollowing the group account, suggesting that the band may now be ready to take the reigns when it comes to their careers after years of rumors that the Fifth Harmony girls have allegedly been controlled by their management team as the breakup rumors swirl.

While Ally has not spoken out regarding her decision to unfollow the band's social media account, some Fifth Harmony fans claimed that Hernandez cutting ties with the girl group on Instagram could prove that Ally and her remaining Fifth Harmony bandmates, Normani Kordei, Laurne Jauregui and Dinah Jane did not write the statement issued regarding Camila's departure, despite the letter being signed by the girls.

"Ally unfollowed the band [account on Instagram], this proves that they didn't write that s***," Fifth Harmony fan @born2stan5h wrote, just hours after fans claimed that they didn't believe Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani, Dinah and Lauren wrote the two statements posted to Fifth Harmony's social media accounts in the wake of Camila quitting the band.

Fifth Harmony
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"ALLY DIDN'T WRITE IT. DINAH DIDN'T WRITE IT. LAUREN DIDN'T WRITE IT. NORMANI DIDN'T WRITE IT. PASS IT ON," Fifth Harmony fan @midnight_5H tweeted of the official statement posted to the girl's group account, alongside the hashtags #FreeFifthHarmony and #BrazilHatesSyco, seemingly suggesting a breakup could be in the cards for Fifth Harmony.

"It's so fraking obvious that they didn't write that letter. #FreeFifthHarmony," @ThumpsUpFor_5H added of the statement, and Fifth Harmony fan @BarkoNgALE wrote, "5H didn't even write that 'Official 5H Statement.' It was supposed to be announced next year and they were fully aware. Ugh. Managers."

Fifth Harmony have not commented on rumors claiming they did not write the two official statements posted on Fifth Harmony's group social media accounts over the past 24 hours nor have they commented on reports a breakup could be imminent, though Ally's decision to unfollow the band on Instagram also comes shortly after audio of bandmate Lauren Jauregui allegedly slamming the group's management hit the web.

According to Teen Vogue, audio leaked to social media on the evening of December 19, just hours after Fifth Harmony announced that Camila was no longer a part of the group, allegedly featuring the voice of Lauren claiming that Fifth Harmony's management treat them like "slaves" and adding even more fuel to the breakup rumors.

The audio leak was alleged to be of a conversation between Lauren and Ally, in which the person thought to be Jauregui claimed that Fifth Harmony's management "f*** them over" and seemingly hinted that they're not getting paid as much as Lauren believes they deserve.

"They're making decisions on a regular basis to f*** us over! To make us literal slaves! Literally slaves, Ally," the speaker, which fans are claiming is Lauren, can be heard saying in the 17-second audio clip. "We're doing f****** labor every day and we see nothing."

What do you think of Ally Brooke Hernandez unfollowing Fifth Harmony's official account amid the band's recent drama amid reports a break up could be on the horizon?

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