December 20, 2016
Netflix 'The OA' Ending Review And Questions For Season 2

Netflix's new show The OA is a mysterious sci-fi that consist of eight episodes. The series drew immediate comparisons to Netflix hit series Stranger Things. However, this series gives viewers very little information and a lot of questions about Season 2.

The OA ending left many viewers wandering if Prarie Johnson is mentally ill or there is some truth to her story. The show is about an adopted blind girl named Prairie who resurfaces after being missing for seven years. She has regained her sight, has scars on her back and refers to herself as "The OA." She recruits five locals who she believes can help her, and she reveals her story to them.

Rotten Tomatoes scored the series a 72 percent critical approval rating and 75 percent score from the audience. Most of The OA criticism lies in the confusing plot, while the acting and direction of the series has been praised. Many critics describe the ending as disappointing due to the vagueness of the plot. Despite the criticism, the series is described by many critics as binge-worthy.

Will Netflix renew The OA for a Season 2?

The writers and creators of the series, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, revealed to Variety magazine that they planned a Season 2. Batmanglij said the following.

"Yes, we designed it that way. Whether it will happen or not, I think that's up to you guys. All of you in the world. If people connect to it. I would like to see this story continue… Brit and I figured out the whole thing. The whole thing's a riddle. There are a lot of clues. Very few people have really picked up on all the clues. Our sound engineer picked up on a major one that kind of blew my mind. I was like, 'That is designed for only the closest, creepiest viewer to find.'"

In the eight episodes of The OA, we can determine that Prairie is probably telling the truth about being from Russia and the bridge accident because the teens found evidence of it on the internet. Locals confirm that she was indeed blind and now she can see. A YouTube clip suggests that Homer is a real person and athlete who has a near-death experience.

Alfonso "French" Sosa finds a video of Prairie playing the violin in the subway, and she has scars on her back.

It seems like everything Prairie said happened up until her meeting and abduction by Dr. Hunter is verifiable. The teens did not manage to find anything on Dr. Hunter on the internet. However, his behavior suggests that he will erase traces of himself from the internet.

Throughout the series, Prairie has moments where she doubts that Homer exists when she said "there are moments when I think I made you up," and in the ending Prairie says "Homer?" in a bright room, which could be heaven or a mental institution. The local who wanted to take a selfie with her in a restaurant suggests that she may have been raped during her kidnapping. Some theories suggest that she invented Homer and the five as a coping mechanism.

The ending left many questions, such as the following.

Why does Prairie have books on angels, near death experiences, the oligarchs and Homer's Iliad under her bed?

French finds books under The OA's bed which suggest that Prairie made the whole thing up.

Why was Elias in her house?

French ran into Elias when sneaking around The OA's house. The series needs to explain what he was doing there in Season 2. Elias also suggests that he believes that Prairie is making the whole thing up, and the teens are helping her cope with her trauma by playing along.

How does the five movements work?

During the school shooter scene, the teens performing the dance seemed to serve as a distraction to get tackled rather than stopping the shooter.

How did she know Dr. Hunter killed the other doctor?

Prairie wasn't there when Dr. Hunter killed Dr. Leon Citro so how did she know. It's not something he would tell her and how come the teens didn't get any internet results on Dr. Citro's kidnapped patients?

There a lot of questions for The OA Season 2, if the show gets renewed

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