November 5, 2018
Jessica Woodley Spotted Almost Nude At A Beach In Barbados

Jessica Woodley was spotted almost in the nude while on a holiday getaway with her ex Alex Mytton and his new catch Lottie Moss in Barbados.

Woodley was almost nude as she rocked the barely-there outfit on the beach. She was spotted in a skimpy yellow bikini that almost caused embarrassing moments on numerous counts. Unfortunately, the bikini did not want to stay where it was supposed to be while she was in the water and as a result, she had some near misses where she had to quickly make some adjustments.

Jessica was spotted at the Barbados beach on Sunday. The Made In Chelsea star was clearly having a good time frolicking at the beach while soaking up the sunshine. However, she seemed to be struggling while in the water because the yellow bikini bottom which also had a white lining was being pulled down by the water while her bikini top almost exposed her nipple. The material used to make the bikini also seemed to be making the outfit rather see through, thus putting her at risk of some embarrassing moments.

"Nip was out all night. How does that even happen," Jessica captioned on a post after going out the previous night.

The swimsuit was created by a swimwear company known as Ohana Swim. Despite struggling with the outfit, it looked really great on her. The 22-year-old flaunted her tight toned body on the beach where she showed off her sexy curves and enviable flat tummy. The outfit complemented her figure, especially her perky posterior. The blonde reality star clearly prepared well for the holiday and was eager to show off her incredible physique. She most likely worked hard to keep her body in such good shape and what a way to celebrate the spectacular results!

Woodley and her friends decided to escape the chilly weather stateside in favor of the sunny weather in Barbados. Most celebrities usually choose to go for vacations around this time of the year so that they can have a good time and take some time off their busy schedules. Woodley was no exception since she had clearly set aside this holiday so that she can celebrate the festive season and also end the year in style.

The beautiful star gave her fans an exciting show with her beach photos thanks to the photos of her that were taken while she was at the beach. This is because they were able to catch a glimpse at the 22-year-old showing off more skin than she usually does. Other than showing off her incredible curves, Woodley took the opportunity to let her beautiful skin soak up some sunshine. One of her beach photos features her talking to a female friend while standing on the sandy beach with a male companion standing next to them. She also snapped while walking in the ocean water with the water level reaching just above her knees, seemingly oblivious of the fact that she was being photographed. Nonetheless, it was an opportunity to glance at her toned body as the ocean water trickled down her skin.

Jessica was all natural while at the beach since she did not have any makeup, and she still looked as beautiful as ever. Alex and Lottie were also seen giving a public display of affection while at the beach and though it seems weird that Jessica joined them, she maintains that she was completely okay with it. She, however, admitted through social media that she felt like a third wheel.

Before they set off back from their holiday trip on Monday, the MIC star made sure that she took a snap together with Lottie. Fortunately, Jessica ended the holiday on a good note, and her almost nude photos made for some good memories.[Featured Image by Jonathan Short/AP Images]