Lauren Goodger Poses In Nude Sportswear In Supposedly Photoshopped Post

Lauren Goodger posted an Instagram photo in which she posed in nude-colored sportswear while showing off her curves, but it has become controversial due to claims that it was photoshopped.

Goodger flaunted her new gym-honed body in nude colored sportswear which includes a workout top and a pair of tights. She was also holding a backpack when she posed for the photos. The top gave a sneak peek at her ample cleavage and the entire outfit hugged her body tightly, thus showing off her beautiful curves.

Goodger might have boasted with her Instagram posts, but critics quickly shot down her glory following a close analysis of the photos. She has been fighting off the controversy over her newly pert derriere following speculation that it was the result of surgery. She defended herself against those claims by revealing her secret to The Mirror, claiming that squats are a fraction of the results.

“I do squats but that only counts for about 20 percent of what you see. The other 80 percent is weight training,” Lauren stated.

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Despite revealing that she has been putting in a lot of effort, critics were quick to point out that the photo she posted was also photoshopped. One of the photos reveals that the wall which Lauren was standing next to was slightly curved. This means that the photo was slightly altered so that her curves would appear more pronounced. This is a trick that many ladies use to make their hips or derriere appear larger than usual, but it is easy to determine when the photoshop trick is used because of background distortion.

This is not the first time that photoshop has been detected in her social media posts. Earlier in July, her fans pointed it out in a photo that she posted while clad in a blue top. Critics pointed out that she had altered some aspects of the snap to make her legs look better. She has been called out for photoshopping numerous other photos of herself.

“She looks lovely but you can see she’s Photoshopped her legs to look skinnier by the fuzziness around them and how they’re bumpy. She looks amazing so she shouldn’t have to do that,” one fan pointed out.

Lauren Goodger poses in nude sportswear

Despite the numerous incidents in which Lauren has used Photoshop to enhance her look, it is clear that the gym sessions have been producing good results. With or without the minor tweaks, she still looks great in the photos and with some extra determination, she will surely not need to make small changes to her photos to get the results that she wants. Despite being attacked by critics, some fans supported her with claims such as almost everyone does photoshop on their posts nowadays.

People have clearly been noticing the rapid changes to her appearance, especially her derriere. This is one of the reasons there was speculation that she had gone through cosmetic surgery to get her butt to look bigger. She, however, refuted the claims and added that she felt like it was a compliment that she had implants. Goodger added that she did not mind the attention.

Lauren clearly does not mind what people say about her as long as she feels good about herself. She had vowed to lose weight before returning to Towie in November. She released her workout DVD earlier this year in which she also showcased her sexy curves. The manipulated photos make very small changes to the way she actually looks, which is something that she claims is a win for her because she actually looks very good. Despite the slight manipulation, it is no doubt that Lauren looks amazing in the recent photo in which she was clad in a nude-colored gym outfit.