Stassi Schroeder Says She Refused To Be Fake To Scheana Shay And Ariana Madix While Katie Maloney Blames Editing

The latest Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday night showed Scheana Shay getting quite the tongue-lashing from Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney after she dared to apologize to Lala Kent, Katie’s sworn enemy, for spreading rumors about her. Katie took Scheana’s apology to Lala to be an act of betrayal, a sentiment that Katie’s good friend Stassi shared. The ramifications for the apology was swiftly delivered, with Stassi later confronting Scheana, at a party that Scheana was co-hosting, for going against Katie. When Ariana Madix intervened to defend Stassi, Stassi hurled out an insult regarding Ariana. When Katie arrived and, with Stassi as backup, lashed out at Scheana for apologizing for Lala, Scheana stomped off and cried to Ariana.

As the episode aired, Stassi posted a tweet that admitted that alcohol played a part in how she behaved during that scene with Scheana and Ariana. Stassi admitted that she shouldn’t have gone up to Scheana to have a talk after drinking in the sun for six hours.

Yet Stassi also maintains that she was being real at that moment. In her tweet, Stassi added that perhaps she should have been fake so that she could have received a good edit.

Yet Stassi later seemed to have a change of heart regarding her behavior, for she then tweeted that she has been crying for over an hour and was sorry for how the drama with Scheana and Ariana played out.

Katie, however, isn’t making any apologies for how she behaved. In a tweet, Katie blamed editing for making her out to be the bad guy. Katie wrote that she keeps hoping that her truth will be told but it seems to be in a trash can somewhere.

When a viewer told Katie to explain her side of the story via social media, Katie said that she can’t, apparently because doing so would reveal production secrets. Katie added that she’s being sacrificed while others are being protected.

In another tweet, Kate admitted that if she didn’t know herself and was just watching the show like any other viewer, she would be put off by herself too. Katie added that her side of the story got cut.

Katie then pointed out that she wouldn’t have friends, a husband, and family who loves her if she was really as horrible as the show portrays her. “Enough,” Katie, clearly exasperated by all the viewer backlash, added.

Scheana, meanwhile, tweeted that she stayed calm as Stassi and Katie yelled at her by practicing her breathing. Scheana also pointed out that she was dead sober.

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Ariana Madix, at the behest of SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump, got Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, and Lala Kent together in an attempt to have them move on from their drama with one another, involving Scheana and Katie’s belief and gossiping that Lala was dating a married man and Lala’s comments about Katie’s body and inappropriate behavior towards Katie’s beau Tom Schwartz. Lala again maintained that she wasn’t dating a married man and pointed out that she already offered Katie an apology for her inappropriate comments and behavior. While Katie remained unmoved and unconvinced, Scheana feebly apologized to Lala for spreading untrue rumors about her. In her confessional interview, Scheana indicated that she did so because she wanted to keep the peace with Ariana, who was friendly with Lala.

When Katie told Stassi Schroeder that Scheana apologized to Lala, Stassi couldn’t believe her ears. Stassi made it clear that she did not approve of what Lala did.

“Scheana apologizing to Lala is like one of the victims apologizing to Charles Manson.”

Scheana later revealed to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright that late at night, Katie sent her a barrage of hateful text messages because of her apology to Lala. Scheana said that Katie, in one tweet, even said that she was “repulsed” by her. Scheana gave her opinion that Stassi and alcohol fueled Katie’s text attack.

“Stassi Schroeder and probably some tequila.”

Then, at a surprise birthday party that Scheana and Kristen Doute organized for their respective significant others, Stassi pulled Scheana aside for a “talk.” Yet it was clear that Stassi wasn’t interested in hearing Scheana’s side of the story. When Scheana asked Ariana to intervene to confirm that her apology to Lala wasn’t as a big of a deal as Katie was making it out to be, Stassi for some reason became so emotional that she ran away to the bathroom to cry. Katie found Stassi sobbing on the bathroom floor, during which Stassi screamed about Ariana.

“Ariana gets out of the pool like a f**king mermaid!”

Katie and Stassi then confronted Scheana together. Stassi accused Scheana of always wanting to be friends with everyone rather than showing true loyalty to Katie.

“Stop being a b**ch! Stop being an a**hole…you don’t give a f**k about anyone but yourself…You only want to be liked by everybody and that is what your f**king Achilles heel is.”

When Katie lashed out at Scheana, Scheana retorted that Katie was being “Tequila Katie” and was unleashing her unhappiness on others. Katie responded by calling Scheana “transparent.”

“Scheana, I can read you okay? Like a f**king book…You’re like the most transparent person I’ve crossed paths with in my life.”

The argument ended when Scheana walked away. Scheana cried to Ariana about how mean Stassi and Katie were to her.

Yet viewers will apparently see Stassi and Katie make up with Scheana. Scheana’s social media photos clearly show that she’s still good friends with both women. A week ago, Scheana even called Katie her “bestie.”

Three weeks ago, Scheana posted a photo of herself with Stassi.

While Scheana clearly made up with both Stassi sand Katie Maloney, Ariana may still have a tense relationship with Stassi. As the episode aired, Ariana, in reference to Stassi yelling that she’s not a mermaid, tweeted that she is indeed a mermaid and people shouldn’t forget it.

Ariana Madix also favorited a tweet from a viewer that stated that Stassi Schroeder is wrong in saying that Ariana has a superiority complex since Ariana is just superior period. Ariana jokingly tweeted that she shouldn’t have favorited the tweet and that she’s not doing herself any favors by doing so.

Scheana Shay has also continued to accuse Lala Kent of dating a married man. As the Inquisitr reported last week, Scheana received quite the viewer backlash when she tweeted that Lala should apologize to her boyfriend’s wife, like she did to former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, whose ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, Scheana dated during the marriage.

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