Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray’s Alleged Reason For Their Split Revealed By Source

The rumors have been flying that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray of Bachelor in Paradise have split. This couple has not admitted to anything yet, but Reality Steve says they are done, and they have posted several various posts on social networks that hint that they are over. Now TMZ is sharing what a source says is the reason this couple allegedly split.

Earlier this month, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton went to Jingle Ball at Staples Center along with some of the other cast of Bachelor in Paradise. It turns out that things didn’t go well for the couple that night and they got into a fight. Sources close to Amanda are revealing what happened, causing these two to fight and end up splitting.

Ashley Iaconetti was at the event as well and started talking about a trip they took to Lake Tahoe not long ago. Ashley talked about how they were drinking on this trip, and a source says that this made Josh blow up saying that Amanda had lied to him about drinking while on that trip. Now the sources that are close to Josh tell another story and say that their fight had to do with something that Amanda whispered in his ear that was “nasty.” Sources close to Josh say he felt disrespected by what he had to say.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton smile

It turns out that sources say Josh Murray left Amanda at the concert area and went outside waiting on her. The two allegedly split the next day. They tried to hang out a few times together after this, but couldn’t work it out. It turns out that Josh Murray has already moved back to Atlanta. He lived there before moving to California to live with Amanda and her daughters. Josh got really close to the girls during his time living with them over the last few months.

Us Magazine shared a few more details about what allegedly went down between Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. An insider said, “Ashley said to Amanda in Josh’s presence, ‘We haven’t been this drunk since Tahoe!” That is what started it all that night. A source went on to say that Josh constantly checked on Amanda during this trip sharing details.

“He needed to talk to her at all times to keep tabs on what she was doing. Josh felt disrespected when he heard that Amanda was drunk in Tahoe, so he left her there alone.”

Another source shared that this was pretty much the final straw. Things allegedly hadn’t been great between Amanda and Josh for a while. The source said, “I know Josh had been unhappy with things for a while now but was holding on because he loves the kids. But they’re done now.” It doesn’t sound like they will be getting back together this time.

Josh Murray smiles

Not long ago, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp revealed that their relationship was over. So far, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are not sharing with fans exactly what is going on, but all signs are pointing toward a split for them as well. Evan Bass and Carly Waddell are the only couple from this last season of Bachelor in Paradise that are still together and planning a wedding. Hopefully, this couple can end up making it work.

Do you believe that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are over? Do you think that these two will end up working it out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Nick Viall as The Bachelor 2017 when it starts airing on January 2 on ABC. Fans are hopeful that Nick will finally find love this time around.

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