Atlantic City’s Mayor Wants To Go ‘Mano-a-Mano’ With Chris Christie Over Evacuation Comments

Atlantic City’s mayor stated he would like to go “mano-a-mano” with Governor Chris Christie over comments about Hurricane Sandy evacuation. Lorenzo Langford made the bold statement during a Tuesday morning interview on Today.

Langford claims that Governor Christie was either ill-advised and misinformed or simply decided to “prevaricate” when he discussed mixed messages over Hurricane Sandy evacuation. The New Jersey governor ordered a mandatory full evacuation of the area. Langford was accused of confusing residents about what they should do by opening up shelters in the city.

The Atlantic City mayor had this to say during the interview:

“That is not what happened. Here we are in the throes of a major catastrophe and the governor has chosen such a time as this to play politics. I think it’s reprehensible that he would stoop to the level to try to make a political situation out of something that is so serious as this situation.”

Chris Christie firmly rebuked any political questions which were thrown his way during interviews conducted in the wake of Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday morning. He gave President Barack Obama credit for the timely federal response and for staying in communication throughout the evening.


Mayor Lorenzo Langford maintains that the governor’s statement about mixed messages was “absolutely false,” according to interview excerpts republished by The Blaze. The local official claims that it was better to “have options” for people who opted not to comply with the evacuation order. The mayor was also quick to note that most residents did heed the governor’s order to leave the area.

When Today host Matt Laura said he would attempt to arrange a time to get both men on the air at the same time, the Atlantic City mayor had this to say:

“I would love nothing better than that, than to confront the governor mano-a-mano.”