October 31, 2017
Watch Christmas Movies Online: Where To Find Favorites Like 'Elf,' 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,' 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' Plus Many More

For those who want to watch Christmas movies online, finding everything in one place can be a bit of a hassle.

Sure, you can find Love Actually by browsing through Netflix, but if you want to watch Elf online, you've got to head over to Amazon or iTunes. So to save some time, we've compiled a list of all the favorite Christmas movies and where to find links to their streaming videos.

Below are some of the favorite Christmas movies you can find and watch online.

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

Here's how you can watch Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas online.
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A true Christmas classic, the story of how the cold-hearted Grinch tried to steal Christmas from the people of Whoville is also one of the few Christmas classics you can watch for free online. There are a number of versions on different sites, including the one below from Daily Motion.

And if you're looking for the live-action version, that is online as well.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Here is how you can watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas online.
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While the animated version may be the standard, this Jim Carrey live-action rendition is about as close to a Christmas classic as you can get. Viewers looking to find the update of How The Grinch Stole Christmas online can find it on HBO Go, iTunes, and Amazon.

Love Actually

Here is how you can watch Love Actually online.
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One of the surprise hits, this 2003 movie with an ensemble cast led by Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and Laura Linney uses Christmas in Britain as a backdrop to tell 10 different love stories. Though it had a relatively quiet release, Love Actually has grown quite a large following and now is one of the most popular Christmas movies.

Those who want to watch Love Actually online will have a few more options as this is one of the top Christmas movies available on Netflix. It can also be found on Amazon and iTunes.

Home Alone

Here is how you can watch Home Alone online.
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Kevin McCallister's wild Christmas Eve romp with two incompetent burglars remains one of the classic Christmas movies, and anyone looking to watch Home Alone online will be in luck. Not only is it available on Amazon and iTunes, but it's also one of the featured movies on HBO Go.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Here's how to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation online.
[Image by Warner Bros.]

If you're ranking the funniest Christmas movies of all time, this 1989 movie featuring Chevy Chase and his family of assorted characters will probably be on top. In fact, if you're ranking Christmas movies at all, it's right up there. AMC's fan-voted list of Christmas movies put Christmas Vacation as the No. 1 pick.

Those who want to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation online can find it on iTunes and Amazon.


Here's how to watch Elf online.
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While A Christmas Story was once the ubiquitous movie of the holiday season, Elf has now moved into that mantle. It's on television somewhere around six dozen times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and for a good reason. This 2003 movie featuring Will Ferrell as a man raised as a Christmas Elf has become a classic, from its iconic scenes (like Ferrell's Buddy the Elf sharing a syrup-filled meal with his new family) to its memorable lines (like Buddy telling a department store Santa, "You sit on a throne of lies.").

Those who want to watch Elf online can find it on Amazon and iTunes.

It's A Wonderful Life

Here's to watch It's A Wonderful Life online.
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One of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time --- Christmas or otherwise --- this 1946 classic tells the story of George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart), a down-on-his-luck family man who is shown a glimpse of what the world would be like without him in it.

Viewers can watch It's A Wonderful Life online at Amazon and iTunes.

More Christmas movies to watch online

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