Windows 8 Has Sold 4 Million Upgrades, Steve Ballmer Talks Sales And Apps

James Johnson

Four million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold since the new OS launched on October 26. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the company's sales numbers while speaking at the Build developers event on Microsoft's campus. Ballmer also took some time to speak about Windows 8 apps which already include Dropbox, ESPN (not yet available) and PayPal among others.

The four million upgrades according to Ballmer does not include the "tens of millions" in license rights that have already been sold to corporate customers. For example System Builder editions were not included with Steve Ballmer's sales figures.

In his keynote Ballmer said the PayPal Windows 8 API allows developers to collect Windows Store app money directly through PayPal payments. In the case of free-to-play games transactions can also be made for in-game app purchases.

The new DropBox app in Windows 8 allows users to synchronize photographs, documents and videos through a customized Windows 8 interface.

In his presentation of the ESPN app Ballmer showed off access to ESPN The Magazine, ESPN podcasts, sports photo galleries and more. The biggest advantage for the ESPN app however appeared to be the ability for users to pin their favorite sports teams to the Windows 8 Sta

The flashiest part of Ballmer's presentation occurred when he presented the company's 82-inch Slat display. That commercial product was the result of Microsoft's acquisition of display firm Perceptive Pixel. Ballmer told attendees that the large display will be offered to company's at "affordable prices."

The 82-inch touchscreen display market is vastly under served, perhaps Microsoft has finally found its niche in the electronics game.