Emily And Haley Ferguson Of 'Bachelor' Reportedly Working On Their Own Spin-Off

Fans of The Bachelor love Emily and Haley Ferguson, and now some pretty great news is coming out about the twins. They were on The Bachelor and have also been seen on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. The viewers also got to see Emily and Haley Ferguson on the spin-off Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? which aired on Freeform. They were on a few different episodes during the first season of the show. Now it turns out that Us Magazine is sharing the news that Emily and Haley could be getting their own spin-off that would be on Freeform as well. It sounds like they won everyone over and might have got a new reality series out of it.

A source shared that this show would be about Emily and Haley Ferguson's life in Las Vegas and would be an unscripted show. As of right now, this show is not a done deal, but is being talked about and could happen. A lot of people would love if this became a reality. Reality Steve actually went to his Twitter and shared a link to the article saying, "My prayers have been answered." Steve made it loud and clear that he didn't watch Ben and Lauren's show, but it sounds like this is one that he would be checking out.

Emily and Haley Ferguson
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Emily and Haley Ferguson were on The Bachelor because they were single and looking for love, but it turns out that isn't the case anymore. If they get a new show, it won't be about the twins trying to find love, but instead will be about their lives now with their boyfriends. It turns out that Emily is dating trainer, Vince Pezzuto, while Haley is seeing a 26-year-old accountant. They live in Las Vegas, and if they got their own spin-off show more than likely, the viewers would start getting to know these guys. Not long ago, Emily spoke out about Haley's boyfriend and here is what she had to say.

"Obviously, I don't like everything about the guy that Haley's dating, but I think … he's good for her, and it'll work. I think we're accepting of each other's guys, so that's all that matters."
Emily and Haley were on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor and didn't find love with him, but they did get a best friend in Lauren Bushnell. This is the reason that these two were on their show and this helped the Freeform viewers to fall in love with them as well. Only time will tell if Emily and Haley Ferguson will actually end up getting their own show or not, but the fans can't wait to see what happens.

Haley and Emily with Ashley and Jarod
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Back in August, Glamour shared what Emily and Haley think of Nick Viall, who will be the guy handing out roses this season on The Bachelor 2017. Here is what Emily had to say about him.

"Haley and I can go on for days about Nick. He's honestly the most genuine guy you will ever meet. I know he comes off as a really bad boy, but he's not. He wants to get married, he wants to find the right girl, but he doesn't want to settle. I think it just comes across as not being genuine. Nick is a real guy with real emotions. He's honestly the greatest guy a girl will meet."
Are you shocked to hear that Emily and Haley Ferguson of The Bachelor could be getting their own spin-off? Would you watch a show with these two girls? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor2017 when it starts airing on ABC in January.

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