UFO News: Are UFOs Traveling Through Wormholes?

There have been so many more UFO sightings this year when compared with previous years, that some UFO enthusiasts are now starting to speculate whether aliens might be traveling through a wormhole.

ITechpost has reported that a strange video has been passed around the internet, which purportedly shows a UFO landing on earth while traveling through what appears to be a bright blue wormhole. Since the video’s appearance, it has rapidly been posted on conspiracy theory websites, but also has strong viewings with the general public on YouTube.

With the Daily Mail reporting that the video was shot in an as of yet unknown location, the video of the UFO leaving the wormhole first gained entry to the internet after being posted to a Spanish Facebook group. Some UFO enthusiasts believe the location of this video may be either Nevada or Arizona.

Scott C. Waring, from the website UFO Sightings Daily, gave his reason as to why he believes the location might be Arizona and appears to believe that this UFO is real, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“Arizona is a famous hot-spot for UFOs and Alien bases, so its nice to get this substantial evidence of their existence in that area. This is an alien ship, shooting off through the clouds, leaving earth.”

Some have watched this video of what they say is a UFO streaming through a wormhole and believe it looks like a “tractor beam,” but other viewers have said that it may very well be an emboldened blue lightning strike and nothing more. Other viewers are more to the point and suggest that this UFO clip is nothing but a fake and a money-making scheme.

One person who is highly critical of the UFO wormhole footage is Scott Brando, who runs the website UFO of Interest. Brando’s job is to debunk UFO myths, and in his opinion, according to the Daily Mail, the video footage is “fake CGI.” Scott has also said that there are other videos that are roughly the same and that there is no particular reason to get excited over this video.

Sunrise above the International Space Station, as seen 220 miles above the Earth.

Tyler Glockner, who runs the Secureteam10 UFO channel on YouTube, has also told The Express that the blue tractor beam video of the UFO was probably a fake. Glockner has reportedly been blacklisted from various UFO websites for his promotion of fraudulent UFO stories, so his disbelief of this video might be important.

Some conspiracy website are discussing how this might be part of a plot known as Project Bluebeam. What are their beliefs? They say that the American government is seeking to start a new religion, and they will do this by installing an Antichrist so there can be a New World Order. Conspiracy theorist also believe that NASA will be used so that a hologram can be created to bring about a “Second Coming.” In fact, one of the titles on the internet for the UFO in the wormhole is called “Giant Plasma UFO Over Arizona Secret Hologram Test.”

NASA, for their part, have not commented on the video beyond saying that it may be space debris.

Souvenirs at the Annual International UFO Congress Convention Convention & Film Festival in Laughlin, Nevada on February 26, 2009.

Despite the naysayers, many people truly believe that this UFO has traveled through a wormhole, with one viewer proclaiming that the footage looks like a meteorite going in the reverse direction.

“It almost looks like a meteorite, but its not falling, its going up.”

Others didn’t see a normal cloud in the sky around the UFO, but what looked like a large disk.

“Did you notice that the cloud the UFO comes from looks like a giant disk cloud?”

While it cannot be denied that there have been more UFO sightings than usual this year, it would appear that there is no agreement yet as to whether this latest UFO footage of a ship leaving a wormhole is genuine or not.

[Featured Image by Ralph Fountain/AP Images]