March 16, 2017
'Dance Moms' Nia Sioux Talks Season 8 Renewal, Hints She Might Not Return

Dance Moms Season 7 is rumored to be the final season of the Lifetime series. Should this be the destiny of the reality series, cast member Nia Sioux appears to be okay with it.

When asked by Hollywire TV about the status of the show, the dancer, who has been part of the Lifetime hit since the beginning, admitted that the fate of Dance Moms after Season 7 has not been decided yet. She did offer a hopeful stance.

"I do not know… there might be more to come."

As one of the original dancers in Dance Moms who is still part of the show, Nia feels that if Season 7 will be its last ride, it would not be the worse thing since the series has lived a good life.

"I've been doing it for so long, if it goes on, we'll see what happens. But if it stops, I think that it's been a long show, it's kind of like a bittersweet kind of thing."

Nia did say that her contract will end after Dance Moms Season 7, which means that she would have to engage in some talks with the network with regard to continuing her involvement in the series if it goes on. This puts her return in a new season of Dance Moms up in the air.

Sioux was careful not to spill the beans on whether she will extend her contract or not. Instead, she commented on how she has been on the show for seven years now, which was taken to mean by some that she feels she has been around long enough.

Nia did not commit to going back for Dance Moms Season 8 just yet should it happen, especially with a lot of things needed to be settled first -- the contract being the most important one.

A Dance Moms Season 7 promotional still
Nia Sioux with her fellow ALDC dancers in Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

Whether she will return remains to be seen. For many fans, it is hard to imagine Dance Moms without Nia Sioux, although the prospect of original dancers leaving the series is not entirely a new scene to fans.

Last season, Maddie Ziegler and her younger sister Mackenzie left, with Jojo Siwa following their footsteps. Chloe Lukasiak was the first to leave the series but recently returned for several episodes.

Sioux already has her eyes on some projects outside of Dance Moms, including another Broadway show to follow up her debut, Trip of Love, from last year and possibly an appearance on a scripted series where she could show off her acting chops, which she said she has been working hard to improve.

The Dance Moms star recently dipped her toes in the movie industry as well. Fans can watch her in the upcoming drama film, Take Two for Faith, on May 23, where she shares the screen with Janine Turner and Leigh-Allyn Baker.

Dance Moms stars pose for a Season 7 promotional image
Nia Sioux, Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the ALDC dancers for Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

In the same interview, Nia also spoke about working on Dance Moms with Abby Lee Miller, who is known for her stern attitude and rough criticism toward Sioux and the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) members.

She implied that while she gets Abby's harsh ways, she does not find the need for that sometimes. However, Nia confessed that dealing with all this in Dance Moms ultimately thickened her skin.

"A lot of it was unnecessary at times... I get the tough love thing… I know that that stuff is only to make me better at dancing and now I could say I can work with anyone."

Abby will not be part of Dance Moms Season 7B save for the first two episodes. According to the Fierce Dance Competition website, the season finale will be filmed on March 26.

Five episodes have already been wrapped for the second half of the season so far. The sixth one will be filmed on March 18. This makes the seventh episode, to be filmed a week later, the finale. This means that Dance Moms Season 7 will only have 21 episodes, way fewer than what the previous seasons had, which is 34.

It is unclear what the reduced number means, but it does put the show's standing in limbo. A shortened run or a slash in the number of episodes is almost always a bad sign for a series.

Dance Moms has long been rumored to be canceled especially with Miller leaving and now with Nia Sioux possibly packing her bags too. Lifetime could be taking its first steps, although nothing has been confirmed by the network yet.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]