‘Flip Or Flop’ Canceled Amid Tarek And Christina El Moussa Separation

Flip or Flop is likely no more. Tarek and Christina El Moussa have announced they are separated and no longer are working on their marriage. The couple stars on Flip or Flop, which is a huge hit for the HGTV network. It has been running for three years and was expected to go way beyond doubling that number. El Moussa and his wife have already begun dating other people and the news of their impending divorce has been spreading like wildfire.

Last week, everything changed for the Flip or Flop stars. There was an incident between Tarek and Christina El Moussa back in May that was leaked. It was a huge deal at the time, with the cops being called to their Orange County home because of Tarek. While the details still remain unclear, the couple claims it was only out of caution the police were called and that nothing violent happened. The two have clearly decided to step away from their marriage but they remain committed to their business partnership. It looks like that may not be the case any longer, especially if the fate of Flip or Flop has anything to do with it.

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According to E! Online, Flip or Flop will be ending in 2017. HGTV had no intentions on canceling the show but after the Tarek and Christina El Moussa drama, it looks like it will be over sooner rather than later. The show is still in production, and the network will finish the remainder of what the contract lists. This is an unfortunate situation as just a few days ago, there was talk about it getting picked up for another season due to good ratings. Flip or Flop doesn’t have a definite end date as of yet, but 2017 is going to be the year it ends. There were high hopes for a future with the show and many more seasons but with the El Moussa personal drama, the show will not go on.

Things between Tarek and Christina El Moussa seem to be going well. They have both talked about seeing other people, some fans may recognize from Flip or Flop. Tarek had a month-long fling with the nanny, but that ended abruptly at the end of October. Christina is said to be dating the family contractor, Gary Anderson. There are rumors that the reason Flip or Flop is ending is because of the awkward situation between the former couple and who they are or have been dating. This is unfortunate for fans who have enjoyed the show and followed El Moussa and his battle with thyroid cancer. Christina stood by Tarek and for it to end like this with the show being canceled behind their split, it is a sad situation.

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As Flip or Flop comes to an end, fans are expecting more dirt to come out on Tarek and Christina El Moussa. The once seemingly perfect couple has revealed they are separated. It is unclear how long this has been the case and the exact time frame has been talked about a lot. Tarek reportedly admitted to dating the former nanny through the month of October, so it happened sometime prior to that. HGTV is trying to preserve their network while also respecting El Moussa and his wife.

The ending of Flip or Flop will be sad but it is likely the best business move for the network. While things are still amicable between Tarek and Christina El Moussa, it is best to end things on that note. There are a lot of variables when it comes to exes working together and the network is likely worried about what could happen if the El Moussas turned on one another. Flip or Flop may be canceled, but it will continue airing through the next few months.

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