May 2, 2017
WWE News: WWE Officials Very Unhappy With Top 'SmackDown' Star's In-Ring Work

In shocking news, WWE officials are heavily criticizing a top WWE Superstar's recent in-ring work, which will impact their future with WWE. At WrestleMania 33, Alexa Bliss will defend the SmackDown Women's Title against Becky Lynch, Natalya, Mickie James, Carmella, and every available woman from the roster.

The match is expected to have some surprises, but it seems like a certainty that Alexa Bliss will not walk out of Orlando as the SmackDown Women's Champion. Alexa Bliss defied expectations with how successful she has been on SmackDown since coming to the main roster during the WWE Draft and brand extension. Bliss is the only woman on the roster to win the Women's Title twice. Many people didn't think she'd win it once.

In fact, many people consider Alexa Bliss to be one of WWE's biggest breakout stars as a result of the brand extension. The Four Horsewomen have established a monopoly over the top of WWE's women division, but Bliss has been able to find great success as a star on SmackDown. Unfortunately, she may need to take a big step back after WrestleMania 33 because it's being reported that WWE officials are unhappy with her work.

WWE Officials Are Upset About Alexa Bliss In Ring Skills
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In particular, WWE officials are really unhappy with Alexa Bliss' recent matches and work inside the ring. It is being said that the powers that be are impressed with her promo skills and work on the microphone, but there has been some serious criticism of her wrestling. WWE officials believe Bliss is lacking good chemistry with her opponents and it has become an issue for her since she's carrying the SmackDown Women's Title.

The only one the powers that be feel Bliss works well with is Becky Lynch. In fact, WWE officials have been intentionally pairing the two to work together on SmackDown whenever they've had the chance, but Lynch is being given most of the credit for their matches being "passable" by the standards of WWE officials. The feud with Naomi and her matches over recent weeks have exposed a lot of her weaknesses inside the ring.

Apparently, this week's edition of SmackDown was the last straw for the powers that be. WWE's road agents were said to be extremely unhappy that Alexa Bliss didn't deliver a good match with Mickie James, who they felt could lead the SmackDown Women's Champion to have a good match. WWE officials are at a loss about Bliss' in-ring future with the company if a veteran like Mickie James can't have a good match with her.

Alexa Bliss Has Won the SmackDown Womens Title Twice
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It's not confirmed that WWE officials decided for Alexa Bliss to defend the SmackDown Women's Title in a multi-women match as a way of taking the title off her. However, it's understandable considering how WWE officials believe that they would not feel comfortable booking her in a huge singles match on the grandest stage of them all. If you think about it, has Alexa Bliss had a great match since debuting on the main roster?

It seems odd that WWE officials would give a wrestler two different Women's Title reigns without enjoying their work inside the ring. The only thing Alexa Bliss can do at this point is work with road agents and the rest of the SmackDown roster, and improve her craft inside the ring. Bliss is only 25 years old. There is a lot of time for her to improve the quality of her matches and become a top female for WWE in the future.

Honestly, Alexa Bliss is ahead of the game in many ways. Her heel character, microphone talent, and acting ability are all skills that will take her in the company. A lot of wrestlers have great in-ring ability but are lacking those skills. It may take some time to improve and learn, but Alexa Bliss is more than capable.

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