March 16, 2017
Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys' Deadline For Romo Trade Or Release Revealed?

Dallas Cowboys fans may have to put up with those Tony Romo trade or release rumors for about another month. That's the latest word from one football writer who has been covering the subject of Romo and the Cowboys' potential moves over the past season. While rumors heated up as the official day of NFL free agency arrived, Romo has remained on the same roster as he started the season on. So when might Jerry Jones and Dallas finally put an end to the saga and part ways with Tony Romo?

According to the Dallas Sports Day website, MMQB's Albert Breer recently was on The Rich Eisen Show talking about the hot topic of quarterback Tony Romo. Breer, who is a national football writer, said he feels that right now there's no major rush to get anything done when it comes to releasing or trading Tony Romo. He mentioned that the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos remain as the two top teams looking to acquire Romo, but there isn't "any motivation to get anything done."

[caption id="attachment_4066473" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Tony Romo has Houston Texans as top suitor Romo may be calling plays for the Texans next season instead of against them. [Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images][/caption]

Breer also touched upon the situations that the Texans and Broncos have right now.

"There's nobody out there for the Texans to go after that they'd be willing to pay the price for. The one guy they'd be interested in is Jimmy Garoppolo, but the price is way too high if he's available at all. And the Broncos have Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian who they are comfortable with. So neither of those suitors are going to go anywhere. And now we've basically got a staring contest between the Cowboys, Broncos and Texans."
The belief right around the time that NFL free agency hit a week ago was that the Cowboys were all set to simply release Tony Romo so he could go sign with the team of his choice. However, things stalled when the Cowboys held onto their longtime quarterback as they realized two NFL teams both wanted him on their roster.

It was believed then that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to see if he could get the best value in return for Romo. However, neither teams really jumped to make a deal and as Breer mentioned, it's now "a staring contest."

So when might all of this Tony Romo fiasco in Dallas finally be resolved? As Breer also mentions, there's no real rush right now to work things out. The Cowboys already have their top quarterback for next season, but Breer says by the middle of next month fans might see some sort of resolution to the trade or release situation.
"The deadline, to me, would be the beginning of the offseason program, which is the middle of April. If you're the Cowboys, you probably don't want to make it awkward and have Tony Romo walking back through that door. If you're Romo, and you want to be released, you'd show up, right? You would show up and you would make it awkward. So I think that would be the first natural deadline, and that's not for a month from now..."
In an interesting side story, Tony Romo still cashed in on a very, very small bonus for stepping on the field for the Dallas Cowboys last season. According to the NFL website's Dan Hanzus, Romo made a whopping $64.11 during his Week 17 appearance for the team this past season. That's probably enough to pay part of a restaurant tip for the veteran quarterback.

Tony Romo earns small bonus against Eagles
Romo earned a $64.11 bonus for his 3-for-4 series against the Eagles this past season in Dallas. [Image by Rich Schultz/Getty Images]

Basically, Romo helped lead a scoring drive and went 3-for-4 on that drive in passing with 29 total yards and the touchdown thrown. That small series earned him a small bit of cash based on the NFL's "performance-based pay system." Ironically, that was the smallest bonus received by any player in the league for the past season.

Day Prescott, who has pretty much been installed as the Cowboys' quarterback of the future, picked up a bonus of $354,544.57 for starting every game of the past season in Dallas. Romo will hope that his small bit of time on the field earns him more of a return from the fact that another team will gamble on his services for the 2016-17 NFL season.

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