'Storage Wars' Brandi And Jarrod Dish On Dave Hester, Barry Weiss And Is The Show Real?

Georgia Makitalo

Throughout all of the personnel changes in Storage Wars, what has remained the same is Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz. Brandi and Jarrod are partners in real life as they are with their business. The show is back on television soon, so here is the chance to get the real scoop on Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, whether it was love at first sight and answer the age old question is Storage Wars real?

The first question that everyone wants to know is what sorts of special treasures have the couple found in a storage locker. Their valuable loot is pretty impressive as Brandi lists out a few of their most memorable finds and how surprised they were to find out how valuable each of these items actually were.

"Along the way, we've found quite a few: Star Wars figures, a samurai helmet, bird boxes, the horse head. It was quite shocking that these things were worth a lot of money."
"Just because I am not fashionable doesn't mean I don't know anything about fashion."
"The best and worst part of our show is that it is as real as any reality series out there."
"Well, it's not a coincidence that we show up in the same place at the same time. There was some planning involved."

"But once we get there, whatever happens is whatever we do on our own. Nobody tells us what to do. Nobody tells us what to say. If it appears as if Dave is getting on my nerves, it's because Dave is getting on my nerves."

On the other end of the spectrum, Barry Weiss is everyone's favorite star on Storage Wars. Brandi says that "we like Barry" and it shows in their interactions with him. He has been on the show, then left after Season 4 to film his own program Barry'd Treasure and right now off of the show. While Brandi and Jarrod will not acknowledge whether Barry will be back on the show, they do admit that they see Barry a "few" times in the year and they keep in touch with him. Sometimes it is not always planned, as Jarrod explains.

"Barry is like 214 years old, and he always comes back. No matter how far away he is, you are in a crowd and, all of a sudden, there's Barry."

Without directly answering the question, Brandi admits that Jarrod was "persistent" and that the romance was a process of him wearing her down. How did he wear her down? Sounds like Jarrod really turned on the charm!

"Obviously, I don't get by on my looks! So I gotta be witty. I have to do things to compensate."

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for A+E Networks]