‘The Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Reveals The Fourth Time Was A Charm! He Definitely Found Love, But Is He Engaged?

It may have taken him four times, but Nick Viall finally found love on The Bachelor. Viall admitted in a recent interview that he “definitely found love” on the new season of The Bachelor, but does that mean he got engaged?

According to Hollywood Life, Viall teased fans about finding love this season but stopped short of revealing whether or not he got engaged. He also didn’t reveal which contestant won his heart.

“Whether it’s on The Bachelor or in life, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the idea of finding love,” he stated.

Viall has a long history with ABC’s hit reality franchise. He came in second place twice on The Bachelorette — falling short with Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe — and failed to find love with Jen Saviano during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Despite his past failures, it sounds like Viall had better luck on The Bachelor.

Fortunately for Viall, the 30 women competing for his final rose are absolutely gorgeous. Between Whitney, a Pilates teacher, and Alexis, who spends her time training dolphins, the new season of The Bachelor is going to be epic.

Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman [Image by ABC]

That being said, the New York Post reports that Viall almost turned down the opportunity to be on The Bachelor. In fact, when producers first approached the reality star about the role, he was hesitant to accept their offer.

“When I was asked to be The Bachelor, I didn’t immediately say yes,” Viall admitted. “It’s a huge responsibility and it’s obviously an incredible opportunity, but a lot goes into it and there are no guarantees.”

Viall also expressed no regret about failing to find love on the show in the past. Instead, Viall is happy about having another opportunity and isn’t afraid to push himself outside his comfort zone.

“I’m not someone who tends to look back; I try to look forward. I’ve always been willing to put myself out there and be vulnerable,” he shared. “I’m very lucky for the opportunity, very thankful that I was given it, and certainly have no regrets.”

Sadly, Viall did not reveal any details about his suitors this season. He also didn’t reveal any hints about an engagement, although fans can at least rest assured that he won’t walk away empty-handed.

Bachelor 2017 Nick Viall with his ladies

The decision to cast Viall on The Bachelor was a surprising move by the network. Not only did Viall fail to find love on the franchise on three separate occasions, but he was also viewed as the villain on The Bachelorette.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Viall is fully aware of the expectations that come with starring on The Bachelor. While Viall is looking forward to all the opportunities that come with the show, he is also aware of the challenges.

“It’s a huge responsibility,” he admitted. “A lot goes into it, and there are no guarantees. There obviously are a lot of amazing things that come with being The Bachelor, but it’s also a lot. It’s a big commitment, and if you’re serious about it, it can be very difficult at times. It’s very personal, there are a lot of feelings that come with the hopes of meeting someone and meeting the right person. So that can be a kind of terrifying feeling. It can be challenging. Every day you face those challenges, and it’s very easy to question those things.”

Of course, the biggest question remaining is whether or not Viall will get engaged during the season finale. Until more information is released, fans will have to tune in to find out.

Fans can watch Viall find love when the new season of The Bachelor airs January 2 on ABC.

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