Madonna: Will ‘Blond Ambition Tour’ Finally Get An Updated Official Release?

Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour, which took place in 1990, is often heralded as a groundbreaking tour that not only changed the rules for women in the music industry but influenced future theatrical shows. In 2015, People listed many reasons why the tour still ruled 25 years later.

“Madonna kicked off her Blond Ambition World Tour on April 13, 1990, 25 years ago this week. Besides offering the world Madonna in her absolute prime – as a performer and as an all-around focus of attention – Blond Ambition changed the pop-culture landscape.”

Madonna Blond Ambition Madonna’s ‘Blond Ambition’ Tour is her most famous, even if it didn’t gross the most money. [Image by Anonymous/AP Images]

Some of the reasons on the list include the fact that it reinvented the concert tour, it gave us the iconic Madonna ponytail, and it also was a pro-gay show before being pro-gay became cool. Unfortunately, the Blond Ambition Tour has never officially been released on DVD or Blu-Ray. It was released on LaserDisc back in 1990, but it was filmed at the very last Blond Ambition show in France, where Madonna’s voice was pretty much strained.

There is some potentially good news. Madonna fans started freaking out at one of her Instagram posts lasts week.

It appears that Madonna was lying in a collection of Blond Ambition wigs. But in a now deleted post, Madonna also appeared to be looking through old Truth or Dare footage.

Madonna’s full show in Paris was filmed for the movie Truth or Dare, and fans consider this footage the best from the tour. Some of the full performances, such as “Live to Tell,” “Express Yourself,” and “Keep it Together” made it into the film. Full performances of “Like a Prayer” and “Hanky Panky” were Truth or Dare DVD extras. But it looks like we could be getting all the performances in one package.

It’s also quite possible that Madonna could relaunch Truth or Dare with extra footage, which she previously claimed was lost. The film has received a lot of attention in 2016, and, according to Idolator, Madonna even attended an anniversary screening of the film in August.

“Having New York City’s Museum Of Modern Art screen Madonna: Truth Or Dare upon its 25th anniversary was no doubt a big deal for director Alek Keshishian…But the filmmaker had the added bonus of the documentary’s star show up to MoMA for the event on Wednesday (August 24) night.”

Madonna Documentary Madonna poses at the premiere of ‘Truth or Dare’ in May of 1991. [Image by Julie Markes/AP Images]

Truth or Dare is often seen as a major event in the gay rights movement. It was the first mainstream film that celebrated gay men and even showed a gay kiss. According to Towleroad, Madonna’s statement in an interview regarding the film inspired a lot of young gay men back in the early 1990s.

“What I think to be a big problem in the United States and that’s homophobia – there’s a big section in [Truth or Dare] devoted to that….These things exist in life. I’m only presenting life to people.”

Madonna added that she wasn’t presenting anything that people weren’t exposed to in everyday life, but maybe they didn’t want to deal with it. She said that if you keep putting something in somebody’s face, they may eventually come to terms with it. It ended up that Madonna was 100 percent right.

What do you think of Madonna’s trip to the archives? Would you rather see a full Blond Ambition concert release or an updated Truth or Dare with extra footage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Sean Kardon/AP Images]