Josh Altman’s Baby Girl: ‘MDLLA’ Star Already Has High Expectations Of Daughter

Josh Altman has always put his business first in his life, which is why he was single when he joined Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. In addition, Josh also put his career first when he was planning his wedding to Heather Bilyeu, which resulted in the wedding being canceled. Heather simply wanted Altman to be excited about the wedding, but showing a property was more important than doing cake testings and being a part of the planning. The two canceled the wedding and found another date, which worked for them both. Now, they are married and expecting their first child together.

According to a new Bravo report, Josh Altman is now revealing that he has high expectations for his baby girl. Of course, both Josh and Heather work in the real-estate industry and even Josh’s brother Matt is involved in the family business, so it sounds like Josh may have some plans in regards to his daughter becoming a part of the business. And it sounds like his baby girl will have the best people to learn from as both her mother and father are million-dollar listing agents.

“My brother taught me everything I know in this business, he’s my mentor. He brought me up in this business and we’re partners 50/50 on everything,” Josh Altman explained to Bravo about his family business and what it is like working with his brother Matt. “And what’s best about us is our styles are totally different. So we can do good cop/bad cop on any listing or any negotiation. A lot of times people who like me don’t like him as much, or like him a lot and they don’t like me. So it’s always good to have a partner in crime that you can trust and know that’s going to represent the name as much as you do.”

And it sounds like Altman is excited about adding a baby girl to his clan, as he has grown his business with his family. The business started out with just Altman and his brother, but when Josh proposed to Heather, she wanted to work with them. Josh admits that it can be tough to work with his wife, adding that he likes working with his brother better because his wife is a strong negotiator.

“Heather is ball buster and she is one of our top agents,” Josh Altman explained about his wife’s negotiation skills.

He admits that it is tough to negotiate with Heather and he prefers to make deals with other people. And this was obvious when the two were in Aspen about to get married, as the two of them argued and battled to get the best deal for their clients. But Altman is convinced that his daughter will be the best agent ever.

“My daughter is going to be the most badass real estate agent ever to walk this planet because she’s going to get the best of both worlds,” Josh Altman explained about his expectations for his daughter becoming a listing agent, adding, “She’s gonna get my point of view and she’s gonna get Heather’s and we are going to turn her into a machine. And she’ll be closing multimillion deals while she’s sitting in third period class in school. I can guarantee you that. She’s gonna take care of mommy and daddy by the time she’s 25.”

What do you think of Josh Altman’s comments about having high expectations for his daughter and her career in real estate? Do you think she will end up following in her parents’ footsteps?

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]