'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Birth Of Chloe's Baby Could Prove Shocking For Real Mother

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the holidays have been released, and it looks like Nicole's world might be rocked very soon. Spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry stated that Chloe is having Nicole's baby any day now. The one problem: Nicole still doesn't know it's hers. If this sounds confusing, here's a quick recap.

Some viewers might know that some time ago, Chloe offered to be Nicole's surrogate. Nicole, although shocked, considered it and agreed to let Chloe carry her baby with Daniel. It's said that while Nicole was on board with the whole thing, Chloe received a letter from the fertility clinic that the fertilization didn't take. As the case for most soaps, nothing is ever permanent, and it was revealed that the clinic made a mistake when they suggested that Chloe could try as many times as she liked because of the signed papers. Eventually, one of the embryos took, which means that Chloe is pregnant with Nicole and Daniel's child.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Nicole has no clue because as far as she knows, the fertilization didn't work and Chloe is pregnant with someone else's baby. Just because Nicole is clueless that the child is hers doesn't mean that she didn't have some curiosity when she heard about the pregnancy.

This particular storyline has been mind-blowing from the very beginning, and over time, we've seen it take a ton of twists and turns. Celeb Dirty Laundry insists that Nicole will find out once Chloe gives birth, and as soon as Nicole is aware that the baby is actually hers, the confrontation between the two ladies will be downright explosive and shocking on Nicole's end.

It's understandable that Nicole probably won't react favorably to the news. Not only did Chloe withhold the information from her that the insemination worked, but Chloe also told her that Deimos was the father of the baby when Nicole asked her.

As past Days of Our Lives spoilers stated, this child is Nicole's last link to Daniel. As fans know, Daniel died in a horrific car accident, and Nicole has tried to get over him since his shocking death. The fact that Daniel will live on in the baby might give Nicole the final closure she deserves over this whole tragedy.

The Inquisitr reported recently that Nicole had gotten some closure from a recent dream she had of Daniel. In the dream, Nicole and Daniel reunited for presumably for the last time.

In the dream, Daniel told her, "I know you will always love me. But I can't be there anymore — not when you're stressed out, or you need a shoulder, or another opinion, or just someone to hold you in his arms. All I want is for you to be happy. And you can't do that if you don't let go and just live."

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Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that through this vision, Nicole realized that her pining for Daniel after his death isn't what he truly wanted for her and that she needs to officially let him go. Readers learned that this dream might lead her into the arms of Deimos.

As for Deimos, the Inquisitr revealed that he had searched for an answer in regard to Chloe's baby drama for some time now. As we know, Deimos is not the father of the baby, but Deimos wanted to set the record straight on this mess and wanted to confront Chloe about the whole thing. Deimos wasn't the only man involved in the baby daddy drama ether. At one point, Philip thought he was the father, but he was ruled out some time ago.

What do you think of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? How do you think Nicole will react to the news once she finds out about her baby?

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