Tony Romo’s Salary Could Block Dallas Cowboys Star’s Move To Denver Broncos

NFL rumors have suggested that Tony Romo’s love affair with the Dallas Cowboys could be drawing to a close. Cowboys fans remember that Romo was unable to start the 2016 season after suffering a compression fracture to his spine in a preseason game against Seattle Seahawks. Romo was replaced at quarterback by rookie Dak Prescott, who has had a steady, if unspectacular, year. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had assured both Romo and the Cowboys fans that Tony would remain the team’s starter when he returned from injury. Dak Prescott’s success, taking the Cowboy’s to 12-2, and the length of Romo’s absence means that decision has changed.

Yahoo Sports reports that Prescott had another good night against an inform Tampa Bay Buccaneers team who had won five straight. Prescott completed 32 of 36 passes for 280 yards as the Cowboys broke the Bucs winning streak. While Romo will be delighted to see the Cowboys continue to do well, he is a fierce competitor, and watching Dallas from the touchline will not make him happy.

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

It is Romo’s desire to be No. 1 that may lead to a move away from the Cowboys in the close season. NBC Sports reports that Jerry Jones believes Romo still has a big role to play this season as the Cowboy’s look unstoppable on the road to a ninth Super Bowl. Jones wants Romo to stay fit and focused on the Cowboys season as rumors swirl regarding his future.

“Tony is investing in his teammates. Everybody understands while he’s excited to be part of the team and he’s excited for the team, that he’s dying inside not to be out there competing.”

“I think Romo is going to get his opportunity. I don’t want it to happen. But I think he may get his opportunity to get us a Super Bowl.”

Cowboys owner Jones also made it clear that he would like to see Tony Romo end his career at Dallas Cowboys. Clearly, Jones has not written off his chances of keeping Romo, but this is football, and Romo wants to be playing. The smart money has been on Romo heading to Denver to join up with the Broncos next season, as it’s thought that Romo will be determined to finish his career as a starting quarterback.

Could Tony Romo’s Salary Block His Move To Denver Broncos?

The official NFL website suggests that the Broncos might be Romo’s destination of choice. Broncos general manager John Elway has no fear of big names and helped the Broncos build a team around veteran pickups. The Broncos also have a couple of highly rated young quarterbacks who could learn a lot from Romo.

The biggest obstacle to securing a space in Denver is likely to be Romo’s salary. Broncos Wire point out that they would have space within their salary structure for Romo, but “the opportunity cost may be too high since there is little room to absorb Romo’s contract without losing key players.” Let’s face it: Tony Romo’s stats are attractive for any team. In 12 seasons with the Cowboys, he has thrown for over 34,000 yards and almost 250 touchdowns. It puts Romo’s stats into perspective when you consider that Cowboys great Troy Aikman threw 165 touchdowns.

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

The key factor that may inspire Dallas to trade Romo in the offseason is the size of that salary. According to Cowboys Wire, Romo’s base salary and contracted bonuses for the 2017 season would cost the Cowboys just under $25 million. That figure would rise in 2018 before dropping in the final year of Romo’s current contract. Of course, Cowboys fans believe that it is Romo’s desire to be a regular starter, rather than money, that is likely to see Tony move from Dallas.

What About Tony Romo’s Wife And Family? Will They Want To Move?

Tony Romo married Candice Crawford in 2011. They met when Candice was a TV reporter, and the couple now have two young children; the youngest is just 2-years-old. Former beauty queen Candice was born and brought up in Lubbock, Texas, and has spent most of her life close to Dallas. Uprooting his family for what could be a single season swansong might not be something that Tony Romo wishes to do.

Would the prospect of the disruption to his children’s lives be an attractive proposition for Romo? It may be something that Romo considers too high a price to pay to continue his long career. As Cowboys Wire suggests, if Romo’s salary could be reduced, then Tony’s love affair with the Cowboys may not end in divorce after all.

Of course, Romo could surprise us all and decide that at 36-years-old, it might be time to end his NFL career.

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