Bob Barker declares war on Edmonton Zoo over an elephant

Duncan Riley

Legendary American game show host Bob Barker has declared war on zoo in Edmonton, Canada after officials refused to agree to move its resident elephant.

Barker, who these days is an animal rights activist, is trying to relocate Lucy the elephant to an animal sanctuary in California run by the Performing Animals Welfare Society or PAWS. Zoo officials though claim that she is not well enough to make the trip.

Despite Veterinarian James Oosterhuis telling officials that a move would kill Lucy "after discovering her nose and trunk were so swollen it was forcing her to breathe through her mouth," Barker plans to take the fight to move Lucy to court.

Barker told CBC News that PETA has retained a well-known Toronto lawyer, to represent them. "The zoo is absolutely implacable" said Barker. "They won't consider even saying that when Lucy is feeling well that we can take her to the sanctuary."