‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam And Steffy Look To Christmas, Ridge Makes A Big Move With Brooke, And A New Alliance Is Formed

What can fans expect during the week of December 19 from TheBold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that there are juicy moments on the way as one couple gets engaged, another embraces their Christmas together, and new partnerships emerge. Brooke has chosen Ridge over Bill, and Liam has gotten into heated arguments with both Eric and Quinn over Steffy. Forrester Creations is in the midst of a serious shakeup and chaos is erupting on every front. Where are things headed next?

As viewers saw on Friday, Katie happened to see Liam and Quinn getting into it, and she recorded their argument on her phone. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central detail that Katie will be quite worried about Liam’s safety after the conversation she saw, and she will be holding onto the video in case she needs it.

Ridge and Quinn have been at one another’s throats for months now, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers via SheKnows Soaps detail that they are about to share an awkward moment of a very different kind. He ends up getting an eyeful while she is using an outdoor shower and this should make for some entertaining moments.

'Bold and Beautiful' star John McCook

Eric made it clear to Liam that he is backing the idea of Steffy reuniting with Wyatt, and it sounds as if Wyatt will learn just how much support he has now from his stepfather. Despite this Wyatt situation, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that Liam will be looking forward to spending Christmas with Steffy, and he’ll pressure her to change her initial plans for the holiday. It sounds as if Liam will be anxious for the two of them to spend the holiday together, and it seems he’ll convince Steffy to go along with his proposed plan.

Rick and Ridge have been battling against one another for years at Forrester, but now they have a shared enemy in Quinn, and they may end up forming an alliance of sorts as a result. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Ridge and Rick will worry that Steffy won’t be able to handle Quinn, and they may find themselves having to work together to do what they feel is best for the company.

Brooke left Bill and reunited with Ridge, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that an engagement is coming within the next few episodes. It sounds as if they may even set a wedding date too, and they’ll be promising R.J. a wonderful family holiday. However, Bill will get quite worked up over all that’s transpiring on this front and viewers shouldn’t count him out yet.

'Bold and Beautiful' stars Don Diamont and Katherine Kelly Lang

Eric will be anxious to see the family come together for Christmas, wanting them to all unite for just one holiday song. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that the family will initially decide to stay away from the family home for the holiday, surely due to all of the chaos at Forrester Creations and his controversial marriage. Will they step back and reconsider their decision to stay away, especially after what happened when they all boycotted Eric’s wedding? It sounds as if they just might as there are teasers indicating that there’s a Christmas miracle ahead for Eric.

What will Katie do with the recording she has and just how far will Quinn go next to try to push Steffy back to Wyatt? Will Brooke ultimately marry Ridge or will Bill manage to shake things up on this front? Will Eric get his wish regarding a family Christmas or will the drama at Forrester Creations spill over into the holiday? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that there will be plenty of ups and downs during the week of December 19 and viewers will have plenty of action to watch as it all plays out.

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