Selena Gomez Reportedly Stalked Justin Bieber’s Social Media Accounts Before Rehab

Selena Gomez and the reasons behind her multiple visits to rehab have long been fodder for speculation in the rumor mill by fans and the public.

A new report from Life & Style takes aims and fires at the pop princess’ official reasons for cancelling her “Revival World Tour” due to lupus-related mental health problems earlier this year and alleges that Selena fell back into rehab because she was — and perhaps, still is — addicted to her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Bieber and Gomez began dating in 2010. Their on-again, off-again relationship came to an close in 2014. While the pair spoke warmly about each other when promoting their respective latest albums last year, it’s no secret that they no longer speak to each other.

Up until the current no-contact state of affairs, there were meets between the pair last year. These included hanging out poolside at a Los Angeles hotel, an accidental encounter at a church social, a hotel serenading, occasional friendly social media posts by each star about the other, and Gomez posting mean-spirited remarks about Bieber’s Purpose album on Instagram last November.

Jumping to this year, even though the two weren’t dating, Selena attended one of Justin’s “Purpose World Tour” concerts in L.A. in March this year. In August, the former-sweethearts got into an Instagram feud, which Gomez initiated.

The Biebs, who was seeing Sofia Richie at the time, deleted his Instagram the day after Gomez jumped on his account.

Selena first revealed she has the autoimmune disease lupus in 2015, over a year after she reportedly went to rehab for treatment for her illness in January of 2014.

Fast forward to August of 2016, Selena announced she was stepping away from the spotlight to receive treatment for lupus-caused depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

In a statement given to People, the starlet said she’d discovered that “anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus” and wanted to focus on her health and happiness.

At the time, a Gomez insider told People that the starlet’s tour break was “absolutely not related to alcohol or substance abuse” but because she “hadn’t felt like herself” over the last couple of months.

Meanwhile, lupus organizations praised Selena for taking time to recuperate. America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon dubbed the pop princess a “lupus warrior.”

Gomez subsequently made headlines when she returned from a Nashville, Tennessee, rehab center to attend the American Music Awards last month, where she delivered an emotional acceptance speech for an award.

However, Life & Style insists the actual reason the Disney alum went to rehab is her alleged addiction to the Biebs, weed, and partying — which appears to be code for alcohol.

“While Selena does suffer from lupus and other health issues, that’s not the reason she went to rehab,” one alleged insider is cited as saying.

“Her biggest addiction is Justin,” the purported confidante added.

“She became a different person around him,” said the source. “She was extremely jealous and possessive and felt like she had to keep up with him to keep him. So she would drink and smoke, and then she got into weed and partying,” the supposed insider continued.

Life & Style and other media outlets also claim Gomez was obsessed with Bieber before her career time-out and allegedly stalked his social media accounts before her most recent stint in rehab.

“[Gomez] was stalking Justin on social media,” an insider revealed to the magazine. “She would drink a lot and could barely do anything but talk or think about Justin.”

The source also claims Gomez was allegedly bombarding her pals with pictures of herself and the “Sorry” singer, which were taken at the start of their romance.

“It was creepy,” the insider admitted. “[Gomez] wouldn’t stop. She said she missed him and the pictures made her happy. But her friends thought it just made her look sick.”

While claims of Selena having substance addiction issues are long-standing, this rumor has not been proven by a credible source. However, when it comes to the allegation that the songstress is obsessed, or even addicted, to her ex — three things cannot be denied.

Namely, that many observers thought Gomez’s motivations behind her last Instagram interaction with Bieber were personalized and hypocritical. Secondly, that the actress-singer was clearly paying attention to, or made aware of Bieber’s Instagram posts or she wouldn’t have commented at his account. Lastly, Gomez’s own team claimed her preoccupation with her ex was a “major part” of her issues along with her reported condition.

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