Donald Trump Dating Website: TrumpSingles Connects Like-Minded Americans

There is now an online dating website dedicated to helping Donald Trump supporters find love and like-minded friends. was launched during the 2016 presidential race and is now thriving in its goal of “Making Dating Great Again.”

TrumpSingles functions much in the same way as many other popular online dating websites like and OKCupid. Users type in their personal information, upload a photo if they desire, and select what type of individual and connection they are seeking.

“I thought it was actually a nice idea because I’ve heard so many stories of people going on dates and everything is going fun and the political talk starts and kills any chance of a relationship happening,” said TrumpSingles creator David Goss.

The Trump dating website screens users to make sure online trolls are not lurking among its members.

The popularity of lifestyle specific dating websites began just a few years ago. Online dating websites for specific groups such as Christians, farmers, and even preppers now exist.

“Once you meet someone who is a Trump supporter, you have a better chance of having a lasting relationship [if you’re a supporter too],” Goss added.

The Donald Trump dating website creator is a supporter of the president-elect but as a married man, he is not an active member of the service.

Some online dating websites and dating apps users banned Donald Trump fans from becoming their potential significant other. “No Trump Supporters” was reportedly a commonly added line on popular dating platforms such as Happn and Tinder.

About 15 percent of Americans use online dating sites, the Daily Nation reports. Members of most dating websites are under the age of 24, according to the Pew Research Center.

The TrumpSingles dating website launched in May and quickly garnered about 7,000 members from around the world. David Goss said he snagged the URL after hearing about the website.

“Everyone thought it would be a great idea, from all sides of the political arena,” Goss, a freelance associate producer for reality television, said during an interview with CNNMoney.

Goss added he had not talked to Donald Trump about the online dating website named in his honor.

The Bernie Sanders dating website is in the process of being relaunched as

However, there has not been a dating website created to help Hillary Clinton supporters find romance. When BernieSingles co-creator Jill Crosby was asked why she thought no one had launched an online dating service for Hillary Clinton, she uttered a short and blunt response.

“There’s no passion or fire behind Hillary,” Crosby said. “There’s a lot of questioning about her — her ethics and her morals. It’s not the same movement Bernie uncovered.”

Jill Crosby, 50, Chase Dimond, 24, and Jared Stephens, also 24, created the BernieSingles website.

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David Goss emphasized the Trump dating website is open to folks from all backgrounds.

“It doesn’t matter your sexual preference, religion, anybody is allowed to come and be on the site as long they are for the right reasons,” Goss, 35, added.

The TrumpSingles website might even help Americans in traditionally blue states become more open about their political beliefs when seeking out new friends and the love of their life.

“We all know what dating is like being a Trump supporter! Especially in liberal New England!!” a 37-year-old male TrumpSingles member noted on his profile.

According to a poll of 10,000 young Americans by the polling app, Wishbone, 47 percent of participants would not date someone with different political beliefs.

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