WWE News: Reason Why Cesaro Wasn’t Traded To SmackDown, WWE Officials Have Huge Plans For Him In 2017

For years, Cesaro has been one of WWE’s most underrated performers and more often than not, he’s been stuck in WWE’s midcard despite an overwhelming amount of skill in the ring. Vince McMahon infamously praised his in-ring ability, but put down his ability to connect with the fans. “The Cesaro Section” continued to grow, but WWE officials didn’t seem to notice until the WWE Draft and brand extension earlier this year.

Immediately after the WWE Draft, Cesaro got a lot of attention after letting loose about his position in WWE. He was the 28th pick in the draft, which was insanely low for a man of his talent. It was rumored that WWE officials had taken notice after his grievances were aired on WWE programming and a better position and bigger push was being planned for The Swiss Superman after the brand extension.

Cesaro’s new push didn’t happen overnight. There were rumors about him possibly leaving WWE at the end of the year. His position on Raw didn’t change for a few months as the feud with Sheamus rallied on through a best of seven series. It was heavily rumored that he could just be leaving Raw for SmackDown where he could have much more opportunity. However, a trade between the two brands for Cesaro never happened.


Instead, the rivalry between Cesaro and Sheamus became a forced partnership, and the two have eventually gelled into a strong tag team. Less than 24 hours ago, the duo made WWE history after defeating The New Day and dethroning them as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions after 483 days at WWE Roadblock. Now, Cesaro isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be staying on Raw for awhile.

The momentum boost on Cesaro and Sheamus after defeating The New Day is substantial. It’s far too early to tell how long the duo will hold the WWE Raw Tag Team titles, but the assumption is it will be for some time. Whenever that day comes, WWE officials apparently have some big plans for both men in 2017. Their tag team title win is said to be just the start for Cesaro and Sheamus to become two of WWE’s biggest stars.

Cesaro forced WWE’s brass to pay attention after making it known he was unhappy with his role and he’s made WWE history with Sheamus. If he had been traded to SmackDown, he might have had a stronger role with WWE as a singles star. However, he’s made a bigger impact on Raw and will be doing more in 2017.


According to a recent report, the reason why Cesaro wasn’t traded to SmackDown is because WWE officials thought his work with Sheamus was doing both men a lot of good. The powers that be believe that Sheamus is better than he ever has been during his career. They’re said to be very high on him right now. But, Cesaro is getting a lot of the credit for that. WWE’s top officials believe he’s been bringing the best out of Sheamus.

Now that the pair has won the Raw Tag Team Championship, they will be pushed as one of WWE’s top tag teams. Obviously, that means big things for them in 2017. Their success throughout 2017 is expected to be a launching pad for both men to excel as singles stars whenever their team is disbanded. Sheamus is already a multiple time WWE World Champion, but this could finally be the push to get Cesaro into the WWE title scene.

The WWE Universe has been clamoring for The Swiss Superman to reach main event status for awhile now. As the “Cesaro Section” continues to grow and his tag team success continues to impress WWE officials, it may finally be his opportunity to be a WWE World Champion in 2017. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time.

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