The best Amazon review ever!

Found in the reviews for the Boldtext Pew Bible: King James Version here:

Doesn’t work, March 21, 2008
By Jed
This book doesn’t work. I’ve tried the “praying” method to get a new Porsche 996 delivered but to no avail. There’s nothing in the instructions about not wanting German sports cars but I tried praying for less ambitious things. I gave up when it didn’t even get me a Big Mac. In the early part there’s a bit about people crossing the desert and being sustained by manna from heaven, so you’d think that it would be able to manage at least a hamburger.

I’m disappointed and will contact the publisher. In the meantime I can’t recommend this book as it is clearly faulty.

The comment thread is worth reading as as well. One highlight:

Prayer is the wrong method. You would have a lot more success by stealing the Porsche and then asking God for forgiveness.