March 25, 2017
Justin Bieber Did NOT Pick Boat Party Females Like 'Cattle,' No 'Sexual Favors'

A female guest at Justin Bieber's recent boat party in Melbourne, Australia, has shut down malicious fake news stories about the bash.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, lifestyle blogger and Instagram model Roze Cook slammed false claims that were reported in the Herald Sun, which alleged the pop superstar "hand-picked" women for the boat party like "cattle" and even allegedly called supposed rejected models "too fat" and "too ugly," which allegedly left these conveniently unnamed models "in tears."

Cook also adamantly denied baseless rumors claiming the seven females who went to the soirée provided "sexual favors" to Bieber and said the claim is "definitely not true."

During Justin's Purpose World Tour stop in Melbourne last week, he hosted a party aboard a luxe $2,200-an-hour yacht. It was attended by a few male friends of the pop prince and a group of seven females, including Roze.

While paparazzi-obtained photos and video of the party revealed typical pursuits --- such as drinking games, conversation, and music --- predictably, two Australian tabloids speculated luridly about what went on and evidently reported false claims.

It took the Daily Mail Australia to reveal the Biebs had nothing to do with choosing the models at the boat party.

The paper reported party organizer and night club promoter, Dushanka Foon, selected the female guests herself from her own circle of friends.

Daily Mail Australia's revelation that Foon picked the female guests refutes the Herald Sun's claim alleging the Biebs hand-picked the female party guests "like cattle" and told some that they were "too fat" and "too ugly" to party with him.

Cook specifically ripped those unsubstantiated claims, telling Daily Mail Australia, "Gosh, no. Absolutely false. Not one girl was kicked off."

After denying that any of the seven female boat party guests offered Justin "sexual favours" or were asked to do anything intimate with the singer during the yacht party, Roze told Daily Mail Australia, "I genuinely have no idea who even came up with the absurd idea that 'sexual favors' were a part of it."

Cook added, "That's just extremely odd and just crude, and far from what the vibe was."

She also denied previous claims alleged by Australia's The Daily Telegraph, which claimed the female guests were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Roze said the models are free to talk about the night's events at the boat party.

Roze, who says she "wouldn't class herself as a Belieber," told Daily Mail Australia that the boat party did include group drinking games. She also said she had a "personal chat" with the "Sorry" singer.

While Cook shot down the Herald Sun's outlandishly false "cattle," "too ugly" and "too fat" rumor and "sexual favors" claim as "definitely not true," she did confirm that the Herald Sun's reveal that one Melbourne boat company was angry that Bieber used a different boat at the last minute to avoid paparazzi is true.

"We did move boats, yes," the model blogger told the Daily Mail, adding that this was done "simply because of the media knowing our location originally."

She added, "The original boat (company) was pretty upset about it, which is understandable."

Roze, who saw Bieber the last time he was in Australia back in 2015, also shared her opinion on where she thinks the Canadian singer is "at" personally-speaking.

She told Daily Mail Australia that Bieber is in "a very different stage of his life" compared to the last time she met up with him.

Cook continued, "He's deeply in tune with God and religion," adding that the pop icon is "definitely following that path more and staying away from anything that doesn't serve him."

She elaborated, "He's more mature, and perhaps more mentally sure of what he wants out of life. I don't think he's in a partying stage anymore."

Roze mused, "So maybe he just found doing all the usual things not as fun as they used to be."

While performing in Australia with his Purpose World Tour, Justin went to a Hillsong Church conference with his current traveling partner, Pastor Carl Lentz, who is a pastor at Hillsong's New York City location.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bieber is a longtime member of Hillsong and was even baptized by Lentz in a bathtub at a turning point back in 2014 when he was turning his life around after getting into a string of legal difficulties.

Notably, other female guests who attended the "Love Yourself" singer's Melbourne boat party backed up Cook's version of events.

During a recent interview with KIIS FM, singer Nyssa Large also denied any kind of impropriety went on during Bieber's boat party.

To reiterate: Bieber did not personally choose any of the female guests who attended his Melbourne boat party. Therefore, the Herald Sun's claims that the pop superstar chose guests like "cattle" or insulted any of them are categorically false.

Likewise, rumors that "sexual favors" were involved during the bash are also fake.

Justin Bieber is no stranger to being exploited by gossip media outlets reporting provably false stories due to his widely-acknowledged "online traffic gold", clickbait value to outlets.

This news site has covered numerous previous gossip site-originated claims about the Grammy winner that were subsequently revealed to be fiction.

As a general tip, the Inquisitr encourages readers to always consider the source before believing any alleged claims reported by media outlets.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber did not hand-pick, insult, or engage in any impropriety with any female guest who attended his boat party in Melbourne, guests Roze Cook and Nyssa Large affirm. [Image by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images]

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