Bella Hadid Goes Topless As She Orders Pizza

Bella Hadid flaunted her incredible figure in a recent Instagram post in which she was topless and only covered in a sheer top as she ordered some pizza.

Bella demonstrated that she likes greasy food, which surprisingly doesn’t affect her physique thanks to her rapid metabolism. The 20-year-old model posted a video of herself getting some pizza while clad in a sheer top, which revealed that she was not wearing a bra. The model had a bit of fun while posing before she proceeded to share the details of how she eats.

Hadid took a video of herself dancing to some music in the background and at the very beginning of the video she appeared in a black sweater while holding a couple of pizza boxes. The camera also captured more junk food including French fries before getting to the dancing part. Bella did not have any makeup in the video and she appeared very happy and excited about the food. The model had earlier stated that she has a fast metabolism, which allows her to eat whatever she desires without worrying about her weight.

“We’re going to act like this was okay to consume in one day,” Gigi captioned one of her posts with the food.

Bella also posted a few images on Instagram in which she appeared to be laying on a bed while clad in a pink see-through blouse with no bra underneath. The first photo reveals the model posing with the shirt falling on one of her shoulders, exposing her cleavage as she lay slightly on her side. The model lay on her back in the photo, which was also more revealing than the first one. It gave a sneak peek at what she was working with. Her boobs were visible through the sheer shirt and the photo attracted a lot of likes from her followers.

Bella Hadid’s fans now know how she likes to spend her time off when she is not working. The model had also let her hair remain unattended to, and as a result, it ended up being tousled. She usually makes sure that her hair is in tip top shape but on this particular day she was just letting it loose. The world has been used to seeing her looking sharp in fashionable attire but the Instagram photos revealed that she also has a normal lifestyle.

Bella Hadid goes braless

Earlier this week, the 20-year-old model also revealed her upcoming collaboration with Laurie Lynn Stark for Chrome Hearts.

“So damn excited! You have no idea what’s coming! My new collection with @chromeheartsofficial designed by me, shot by my angel mother @laurielynnstark. I CANT wait for you all to see what we’ve made!” Bella stated on her post.

Bella has been following closely in her sister’s footsteps and has been rising fast in the modeling industry. The two sisters made history a few weeks ago when they achieved their lifelong dream of walking the Victoria’s Secret runway together. She has also been gracing magazine covers and has been quite busy on numerous photo shoots within the past few months. Her recent post about binge eating also reminds us of Gigi’s condition, which she claimed was the reason she rapidly lost weight ahead of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Since the two are sisters, they probably have a lot in common apart from just their looks.

Bella surprised many of her fans when she posted the photos, especially the kind of food that she eats. She is the envy of many who wish they had the same kind of metabolism as she does. It looks like Bella’s appetite for pizza and other junk foods was a surprising as the topless photos.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]