Simone Holtzangel Goes Topless On Instagram Following In The Steps Of Elyse Taylot And DJ Tigerlily

Simone Holtznagel recently posted a racy Instagram photo in which she was topless.

Simone, who is a model, has posed nude for magazines such as Playboy, but baring it all for Instagram is not something that she does regularly. It was thus quite interesting to see the Australian model giving a bit of a teaser through an Instagram post. She decided to post a topless photo on the social platform during the weekend. She, however, made sure that despite deciding to go topless, she did not expose her breasts too much and she covered them up with her hands.

Click here to view the image of Simone Holtznagel posing topless. Warning: image may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Holtznagel's topless photo appears to have been taken at night, and it features her covering her ample chest with her hands. A big light shone from a slight distance behind her, though another light seemed to be shining at her, allowing the camera to capture the moment clearly. She had taken off her top for the photo and she tilted her head to the side, such that her face was hidden by her hair.

Despite Simone's efforts to cover up her well-endowed chest with her arms, one nipple freed itself though the photo was censored. Nevertheless, it was an opportunity to catch a glimpse at her flawless skin. Other than that, the model seemed to be wearing something dark below her waist, maybe a black pair of tights or skirt, thus denying her fans a look at her legs. She also had a cigarette which she appeared to be smoking in the controversial photo.

"Smoking darts 'n breaking hearts," Holtznagel captioned on her photo.

Simone Holtznagel goes topless on Instagram snap
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Simone is among the latest celebrities that have been openly embracing the culture of going topless or the movement called "freeing the nipple." She is one of the Australian models that have recently posted topless photos of themselves on their Instagram pages. Some of the other girls that have done the same include DJ Tigerlily and model Elyse Taylor.

Taylor posted a very tasteful image on Instagram in which she lay on a bed without any clothes on. One of her boobs was exposed but the nipple was covered by a white dot. DJ Tigerlily took a different approach which involved posing in a swimsuit at a beach. She was clad in a blue swimsuit with the top pulled down to expose her breasts. Her fans got quite a treat though her nipple was also exposed, it was also censored just like in the posts from Simone and Taylor.

"Monday got me feelin' good. Good vibes to everyone!" DJ Tigerlily wrote on her post.

Simone usually doesn't mind shedding her clothes in favor of showing off some skin, which explains why she was so comfortable posting the topless photo on Instagram. She was also recently seen clad in a leopard print jacket and a pair of knee-high boots while attending the Guess Christmas party which was held in Los Angeles. She also appeared to be dressed in a small dress underneath the leopard print jacket and she had a black handbag hanging from her shoulder.

The Australian model has also posted other appealing photos of herself on Instagram, including one photo in which she wore a beautiful red bikini. She posed while flashing her tight toned body, including a flat tummy, a peachy derriere and her blonde hair flowing down her shoulders. Simone is one of the top models in Australia. She was the runner-up in Australia's next top model and has appeared in numerous magazines including the infamous Playboy magazine.

Simone's topless post on Instagram is one of the many topless photos of celebrities that have recently embraced posing nude or topless and posting such images on social media.

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