Noah’s Ark Film Halted By Hurricane Sandy

Russell Crowe may be playing Noah in a new film about Noah’s Ark, but the actor isn’t too confident about his ship holding up during Hurricane Sandy. Production on the Daren Aronofsky film has been halted as the massive storm passes over the east coast.

According to US Magazine, Aronofsky, Crowe, and the rest of the crew have been filming in the New York area. Production on the film was put on hold on Monday as the city braced for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Emma Watson, who co-stars in the film with Crowe, wrote on Twitter:

“I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost @DarrenAronofsy @russellcrowe.”

E! Online reports reports that two massive arks were constructed for the film. One was kept inside of a sound stage in Brooklyn while the other was docked in Long Island’s Oyster Bay. There’s no word yet if the ship, which measures 450 long and 75 feet tall, made it through the storm. But judging by this video of a 750 ton tanker that ran aground during the storm last night … well, production on Noah may be postponed a little bit longer than a few days.


Do you think its ironic that production on Noah was halted due to a major storm?