‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Ep 6 Review, Ep 7 Preview: Eun-Tak’s Death Foreshadowed, Time Skip Might Be Filled With Tears

Goblin Episode 6 pushed the highly acclaimed Korean drama’s plot forward, as more foreshadowing was dropped about future of the series’ main characters. Over the course of the episode, a number of notable facts were revealed, and a disturbing flash forward was shown that just might give a clue about where the story of the great and lonely god might be going. By the end of Episode 6, the preview for Goblin Ep. 7 aired, and it seemed to confirm that something very tragic is indeed waiting for the characters in the episodes to come.

Among the episodes that have aired so far, numerous fans of Goblin have stated that Ep. 6 was the weakest plot-wise, mainly because the two main leads, Kim Shin and Eun-Tak, simply went back and forth about what they would do about the mystical sword embedded in the titular character’s heart. While the couple eventually reached a consensus by the end of the episode, the time the two leads spent just deciding whether to pull out the sword or not was considered by many to be quite excessive.

In a lot of ways, the complaints about Goblin Ep. 6 are quite valid, but only because the last five episodes have featured very consistent pacing. If any, Ep. 6 was the first episode of the popular K-drama which opted to follow a very deliberate pace. Fortunately, Goblin Ep. 6 was nonetheless satisfactory due to the inclusion of more flash forward scenes and the further development of the relationship between the Grim Reaper and Sunny. Drama Beans noted that the handful of scenes featuring the Grim Reaper and Sunny were very light and humorous, contrasting largely with the somber tones that were present in the developing story of the main leads.

One thing that was teased significantly in Goblin Ep. 6 was that sometime in the future, Eun-Tak and the Goblin would not be in touch anymore. This was shown in a particularly poignant scene when the immortal being saw his bride preparing for a date in the present day. Much to the Goblin’s dismay, however, he seemed to be absent from his bride’s future life. Such scenes have, unsurprisingly, fueled speculations among fans that a tragedy would happen in the Korean drama within the next few episodes.

This particular notion has been bolstered by the final moments of the preview for Goblin Ep. 7, which featured Eun-Tak being caught in a brutal vehicular accident after giving a warm goodbye to Kim Shin. Vehicular accidents are usually utilized by Korean dramas as a plot device in order to shift the tone and direction of the story. With this in mind, it seems like Goblin Ep. 7 would prove to be a very important point in the story’s overall plot, featuring events that would change the lives of its main characters forever.

'Goblin' Ep 6 followed a more deliberate pace than the K-drama's previous episodes.

So far, there has been no official information about what exactly would happen to Eun-Tak’s character after the accident referenced in the Goblin Ep. 7 preview. Considering the foreshadowing in Goblin Ep. 6 and the overall theme of the plot, however, there is a possibility that Eun-Tak might actually die, or at least come close to dying. In one particularly interesting scene in Ep. 6, the Grim Reaper specifically told Eun Tak that ages nearest to the 10th (such as 9, 19 and 29) are particularly close to death. Since Eun-Tak would be 29 after the upcoming time skip, there is a good chance that she might very well end up staring at her possible demise firsthand.

Having Eun-Tak come close to dying would definitely turn the whole plot of Goblin upside down since the main premise of the Korean drama is supposedly Kim Shin’s journey towards his own mortality. Of course, these events are simply based on pure speculation for now, so it is best to take these with a massive grain of salt. Nevertheless, if there’s anything that Goblin has proven so far since its debut, it is a Korean drama that is not really afraid to take liberties with its plot.

Thus, with Eun-Tak’s life possibly being in danger in the next few episodes, Goblin might very well shift into a more somber, far more dramatic series. After all, Ep. 6 has already laid out the pieces for something significant to happen, and the preview for Goblin Ep. 7 has all but confirmed that a tragedy would take place soon. Overall, fans of the K-drama seem to be set for yet another emotional roller coaster once the next two episodes air later this week.

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