‘The Affair’ Recap: Noah And Allison’s Complex Marriage [Spoilers]

As seen in the above photo, actress Ruth Wilson attended a screening of her popular Showtime TV drama, The Affair, back in April in New York. Ruth plays Alison on the show — a woman who has been through her ups and downs ever since she decided to delve into an affair with Noah, a man who was once married to another woman on the drama. Sunday night’s episode brought Noah and Alison together once more — but instead of a merely heat-filled, lusty passionate time, the duo actually spent time talking and divulging secrets that the pair obviously never told one another.

With Noah having recently been released from prison — and still suffering the effects of a torturous prison guard who showed Noah no mercy during his stint in prison — Noah sought out Alison in their former haunts in and around Montauk. Noah took his new love interest’s car to make the journey — a French professor who had her sights set on Noah upon first meeting him. However, Noah seemed to seek solace in trying to find Alison — and find her he did, riding her bike, as always, around the beach town.

Alison should have kept riding right past Noah, claim some of the fans tweeting about in response to Sunday night’s episode, which showed Noah’s perspective and Alison’s viewpoint in ways that were much more congruent than they’ve been in the past.

The duo headed out to Block Island — that is, after Noah did plenty of convincing of Alison to go there with him. Noah promised Alison that he would at last sign the divorce papers that she asked him to sign, but only if she’d accompany him to the island. Alison relented, after warning Noah that there would be no way she’d sleep with him. Yuck, Noah joked — only after hiding out on the back porch when Cole dropped by for a surprise visit to tell Alison that their affair could go nowhere.

However, after a naked dip in a hot tub at the home of a person who came home to find Noah and Alison on his property, they found warmth and comfort in a bed and breakfast after missing the last ferry off of Block Island. Their conversation turned deep, with Noah admitting that he helped his mother end her life after she suffered from MS so bad that it gnarled her hands. Noah had to feed his mother the toxic yogurt laced with drugs that she wanted in order to commit suicide and free Noah from being her young caretaker. Noah admitted that he thought about Alison a lot in prison — and realized she was the only other person he loved and knew that had watched someone they loved die.

Alison had mercy on Noah, who eventually signed the divorce papers she wanted — even after they enjoyed a night of lovemaking after their wild Block Island adventure. But all was not smiles and laughter after Block Island. Noah found himself tortured still when he thought the mean prison guard was ramming his car from behind. Apparently it was a hallucination, because a view of the rear of the car proved that no one had rammed the back of the car Noah was driving.

The main theme noticed by plenty of viewers of the beloved TV drama is that Alison once more slept with two men in a span of a short period of time. Alison recently had sex with Cole — and then with Noah. Now viewers are wondering if future episodes will show Joanie with a new sibling — and if the paternity of that new sibling will once again be in question. Beyond Noah and Alison’s story, Helen will appear in next week’s episode.

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