‘Sister Wives’ News: Details Emerge About Mykelti Brown’s Wedding To Antonio Padron

Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron are officially married. This weekend, the couple on Sister Wives tied the knot. The viewers won’t get to see the wedding right away, but the details are starting to come out about what happened this weekend when Mykelti got married. Us Magazine shared some info about what happened for this couple. They just got married this weekend, but the fans won’t get to see it for a while.

Kody with his wives

The wedding between Mykelti and Tony happened in St. George, Utah, on Saturday, December 17. This is where the happy couple lives and where Mykelti is going to school. The couple got engaged in June but wanted to get married right away. Her dad, Kody Brown, was able to convince her to wait until December so that they could give her the wedding that she wanted. Tony and Mykelti started dating in October of 2015.

Here is what Kody said at the time to get Tony on his side.

“My purpose to talking to you is to talk to you about the idea of putting off the wedding a little bit longer, for the purpose of making it a special occasion for Mykelti. I want there to be no regrets in this sense. It’s a challenge for me to do that — to make it special — if we go in August. I’d love to have you wait till spring, but I feel like a good compromise would be December. Because I think Mykelti would make a grand December bride.”

Mykelti Brown had a Mexican vintage-themed celebration for her big day.

A couple of days before the wedding she shared on Instagram saying, “And bridal routine begins with a long night, dyed hair, and an eventual fave mask complete with teeth whitening strip.”

It sounds like she was making sure to pamper herself before the big day.

Kody with three of his wives

People shared a few details from the big wedding of Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron. They revealed that over 400 people attended the wedding, which was held at the Bloomington Country Club. It was a little bit chilly during the wedding, and Mykelti ended up taking Tony’s jacket at some point. In the pictures of them leaving, you can see her wearing it.

Mykelti Brown spoke to People before her wedding saying, “I’m not nervous at all and I can’t wait to spend my life with Tony. I’m most excited about being able to wake up every morning to him and go to bed every night knowing I’m safe in his arms.”

The wedding colors were maroon, silver, teal, and yellow. The meal was a carne asada and chili chicken taco buffet along with eight different flavors of cake including carrot, red velvet, mocha, German chocolate, coconut, and caramel, tiramisu, and tres leches. The flowers were all handmade and featured the colors white, red, and silver. For their first dance together, Mykelti and Tony danced to “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias. It sounds like it was the perfect day for the couple.

Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron have already shared that they do not have plans to live a polygamist lifestyle like her parents do. You shouldn’t expect to hear that they are adding anyone new to their marriage in the future. Mykelti was the second of the Brown children to get married after Madison Brown.

Are you excited to see the big wedding between Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron? Do you think that they are a perfect match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. Since Madison’s wedding aired this weekend, don’t expect to see Mykelti’s for a little while. Madison Brown is already expecting her first child with husband Caleb Brush.

[Featured Image by Mykelti Brown/Instagram]