Chihuahua Rescued From Roof After Days; Man High On LSD Saves Dog From Imaginary Fire

Recently, a Chihuahua mix nicknamed Roofus was caught in an unfortunate situation. The poor dog wound up deserted on a rooftop in the blazing Arizona heat. John Reynolds is an officer with the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. He described the animal rescue to local reporters, according to an ABC 15 report.

"He seemed very calm being up on the roof. He was walking around and didn't seem to be afraid. [He] kept going back to forth, side to side [and] obviously wasn't afraid of falling off."
Amazingly, it was reported by animal control officers that Roofus might have been on top of the roof for as long as a week. Thankfully, it was easy to lure the unfortunate pup back to earth with a ladder and some dog food."When I picked him up to look at him, he just kind of hugged me acted like he was very thankful to be down," said Reynolds.

Animal control officers, who stated that he might be a stray and did not live inside of the building where he got stuck, affectionately name the dog Roofus. They hoped that the dog's owners would come forward and claim the lucky canine.

At the time of his rescue, Roofus appeared gaunt, but otherwise in good health. Investigators are stumped as to how he wound up on the rooftop.

"It's a tough one because there are no steps he could climb up, but being next to the greenbelt there are trees next to this person's house. And some of the trees are bent and leaning over so we think it's possible he may have used the trees to climb up and get up on the roof."
The news kept getting better for the stranded pooch. According to the latest update from ABC 15, the dog found a forever home. Gregory Dorr lives near the home where the animal was discovered. He made several visits to the center and decided to adopt Roofus after his successful neuter surgery.

Recently, a New York man had a very interesting time saving his neighbor's pet.

After seeing a fire raging in his neighbor's home, the man broke the door down and saved the family dog from the supposed "inferno."

However, there was not an actual fire, and it was all in the man's head; according to Life with Dogs report on the imaginary fire, the man was high on drugs and suffering from hallucinations.

Just before to "saving" his neighbors' dog, Michael Orchard, 43, of Saratoga County, had taken a mixture of an acid narcotic (LSD) and cough syrup. This caused him to hallucinate and see the fire consuming his neighbor's residence.

In reality, there wasn't a fire in progress. Still, Orchard claims that he saw the home being consumed by flames. As a result, he began banging on his neighbor's doors, but no one came. His "quick thinking" led him to drive his car through his neighbor's fence and smash the door, wrote WNYT.

Afterward, he quickly fetched the dog and "brought him to safety." According to NBC New York, when law enforcement arrived, they saw Orchard fleeing from the home carrying the large white dog.

"He believed that the residence was on fire and he was rescuing the dog," said State Police Troop G representative Mark Cepiel.

"He drove over yards and through the fence. At no point was he on the roadway and no illegal substances were found in his possession."
After performing his "heroic actions," Orchard was quickly arrested and charged with burglary and criminal mischief. Orchard was very cooperative and damages are being repaired. His bail is currently set at $15,000.

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