Mariah Carey Still Wearing Engagement Ring, Amid New Engagement Rumors And Up-Skirt Photos Published

Mariah Carey has got fans eagerly awaiting more news on her apparent steamy new romance that’s been going on with back up dancer Bryan Tanaka. After James Packer sent the diva packing and called off the engagement, she didn’t waste any time finding herself a new love interest and making her new docu-series all about new love, as opposed to lost love. James Packer was adamant that Carey cut him out of any footage, and Mariah had no problem filling in those clips with Tanaka, who absolutely dotes on the diva.

Page Six shares details on the hot spots Mariah and Tanaka have been jointly making appearances at.

“Mariah Carey and backup dancer boyfriend Bryan Tanaka were together after her Beacon Theatre show on Saturday night. The pair and 30 friends, including ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett, hit Bagatelle late after the concert. A spy said, ‘Tanaka was by Mariah’s side’ at the Meatpacking hot spot and ‘couldn’t take his eyes off her… the two left together at approximately 3 a.m.’”

There have even been recent claims of an engagement between Tanaka and Carey, but this remains to be verified. What has been noted is that Carey has still been wearing her enormous engagement ring from James Packer. She was even sporting the bling on Saturday when Carey was seen out with Tanaka. In any other love story gone wrong, it may seem strange for the ring to still be front and center, but when it comes to Mariah, and that rock in particular, it is not surprising at all. The massive sparkler, valued at $10 million, was one item that Packer was okay to leave with his ex.

While spending time in New York over the past few days, Mariah has also of course been constantly followed by paparazzi, who are likely trying to get snaps of the songstress in more cozy situations, As Gossip Cop notes, one paparazzi got a little too up close and personal with the”Honey” singer, going so far as to get a few up-the-skirt snaps.

The celebrity gossip policing site notes the disrespect not only demonstrated by the photographer, but then by the website that went so far as to publish the revealing images.

“The hypocrites at MediaTakeOut published a story with a headline that reads, ‘The Paparazzi Are SO DISRESPECTFUL… They Took Pics Up UNDER Mariah Carey’s SKIRT,’ and then actually posted the tasteless photos. In an article that has just 31 words, the disreputable site had the gall to call paparazzi ‘disrespectful,’ and then published not one or two upskirts photos of Carey but three, including one very unclose shot.”

The publication relays how the webloid stated that Carey had been surrounded by umbrellas while she exited her apartment to head to the Beacon theater and the singer was not keen to be photographed as she headed out for the evening, but then as Gossip Cop notes, the site went ahead and published easily the most revealing photos out of the bunch that were likely snapped of the star.

Mariah had performed nine concerts at the Beacon theater and she was on her way to the final one when the paparazzi took the disrespectful shots. It was later that same night that she spent the night partying with Bryan Tanaka.

Up-skirt snaps aside, Mariah really has little to complain about these days it seems. With a hit Vegas residency, a popular eight-part docu-series that is being viewed by millions, and a hot new love to dance the night away with and cozy up to, it seems the only reminder of her James Packer days is the sizable rock on her finger, and that is likely one welcome reminder.

[Feature Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]