Study Shows High Fiber Diet Just As Effective As Leading Weight Loss Programs

If your diet program has failed you, perhaps, it's time to lose weight naturally. In your heroic attempt to slim down, you may experience increased hunger. However, if you choose the right foods that are high in fiber and low in calories, you can increase your chances of losing weight successfully -- and naturally.

You've all heard of the American Heart Association's (AMA) recommendation, as WebMD explains, for healthy weight loss: eat lean meats, reduce calorie intake by 500 calories daily to lose one pound of weight per week, exercise, read labels, increase water intake, and so on and so forth. Some practitioners recommend the Mediterranean Diet while others suggest the Paleo Diet.

The bottom line is that many of these diets are cumbersome and often overwhelming. However, according to a recent study, a person seeking to trim off the extra weight should adopt one simple habit, if nothing else: eat natural foods that are loaded with fiber.

Malia Frey, a board-certified physician, reviewed research that compared the AHA's diet for healthy living to a diet high in fiber. Surprisingly, they were statistically comparable and a person wanting to lose a few pounds and inches can achieve similar results simply by adding more fiber to their diet.

Citing a Diet Doc report via a Market Wired press release, author of The Lose Your Belly Diet, Dr. Travis Stork, recommends replacing animal fats with a diet high in fruits and vegetables, due to their high fiber content.

To keep it simple, here are six natural foods that offer the necessary supply of fiber to be effective in any weight loss program, according to Very Well.


Guava is a fruity tropic juice that has a high fiber amount and also low calories. Many people buy bottled juice and simply drink the juice throughout the day while some people buy the raw fruit and make smoothies out of the fruit. Guava is great in that it has a low-calorie amount but also has fiber in it, which contributes to losing weight.


Celery is a cost effective vegetable that contains low calories and has a decent amount of fiber in it, which can help increase metabolism and promote loss of weight. Because celery can be used in all kinds of foods, your intake of fiber will increase and the calories will still be reasonably low.

The celery can be used in salads and in omelets. You could even add the celery into your soups and add additional veggies to increase your fiber intake.


Pears are great for those who are craving something sugary but are trying to lose weight. One pear contains 85 calories and provides five grams of fiber, which is a reasonable amount to contribute to your weight loss goals.

Some people avoid pears like the plaque; storing them can be difficult and throwing the pears away, wastes your money. Buying pears properly and making sure they can be stored for at least a few months will save you having to spend additional money


Berries are a great source of fiber and have a low count of calories. Berries are healthy and provide many nutrients. They also make tasty snacks. Berries can be bought freshly frozen or fresh from local supermarkets. Either way, they are healthy and contain the relevant components to enable you to lose weight quickly and more effectively.

A cup of berries has about 97 calories, which is not too high considering berries are sweet. However, you can get unsweetened berries as an option. Berries are also enjoyable to eat and can be consumed on the go. They make a good addition to a smoothie drink or as a standalone snack.


Radishes are low-calorie vegetables that contain a lot of flavors and can help melt away the fat. Although radishes aren't as high in fiber as other vegetables, when having them in a salad with up to nine radishes, you would be getting a reasonable dose of fiber. The great thing about radishes is that they are easy to store and can be quickly taken out of the refrigerator -- ready to eat.


Chickpeas are also high in fiber and can help a person lose weight quickly and effectively. Consuming a half-cup of chickpeas equates to about six grams of fiber and only has 140 calories. Chickpeas can be added to almost any dish and can be eaten alone as well. The peas can be added to curries, soups, and salads as a high-fiber food addition.

Nothing contained in this article should be construed as medical advice. Consult with your doctor, healthcare provider or nutritionist on what weight-loss or diet program is appropriate for you.

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