‘Aquaman’ Star Patrick Wilson On The Lure Of Jason Momoa

Since receiving word that he has been cast to star in Aquaman alongside Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson has had the opportunity to consider what it means to join another DC Entertainment franchise and to possibly expand his own character into future films. Talking about Aquaman, Wilson remarks on the lure of the Aquaman character and on meeting Jason for the first time. For Patrick, meeting Momoa may hold even greater interest than joining the DC Entertainment Universe, since he is a self confessed Game of Thrones fan and an admirer of Jason’s character, Khal Drogo.

Patrick Wilson On The Lure Of Aquaman

Jason Momoa, Aquaman

As Cinema Blend shares, the new Aquaman stand alone film will be the first of its kind for this particular DC Comics superhero and bringing Aquaman to the silver screen presents a rare opportunity. As Patrick Wilson suggests in his own opinion on the topic, Aquaman will deliver something fresh and exciting, because, unlike Batman and Superman, Aquaman hasn’t been overdone in cinema. There’s an opportunity here to deliver an original, largely unknown story and to attract new fans to this particular DC character.

“I think the lure of Aquaman [is] because he hasn’t been overexposed on screen,” said Wilson.

As an actor, that is an exciting prospect and it’s something Patrick is looking forward to, almost as much as he is anticipating his first meeting with Jason Momoa.

“And I don’t know Jason — I can’t wait to meet him. I was a huge fan even from the first episode of Game of Thrones, so I’m in — I’m in with him, and he’s gonna be fantastic.”

Patrick adds that he’s also excited to be a part of Aquaman, because the advancements in technology make delivering a top notch film more possible than it would have been even just a few years ago. Now, there’s the possibility of creating a believable Aquaman story.

Patrick Wilson Talks More About Joining Aquaman As Orm

Patrick Wilson, Aquaman

Patrick has been cast to play Orm in the Aquaman stand alone film and, as Batman News shares, this villain is especially threatening to the planet, because he is the Ocean Master and brother to Aquaman. Coming to that role is exciting enough for Wilson, because he relishes the idea of playing a villain, but having worked with the director in previous films adds another level of positive energy for Wilson.

“I’m completely biased with James Wan, who I’ve done four films with — knowing that he’s at the helm and knowing what he … can do and what he will do, I’ll do anything with him,” says Patrick.

Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast in Queensland will be the location for the shooting of Aquaman, so, while Patrick is eager to get started, he’ll first have to travel to Australia.

It won’t be long before Wilson, Momoa, and the rest of the cast and crew head out to Queensland, since Aquaman is set to begin filming early in 2017. What may be particularly interesting is that Village Roadshow Studios has a very large tank on its property, designed to simulate a section of ocean floor, complete with rock formations, sea flora, and a floor made of sand. That tank may be utilized for many Aquaman scenes in place of overusing CGI technology that can sometimes annoy film fans and get in the way of enjoying the film.

The Australian government shared that the shooting of Aquaman will generate an estimated $111 million in revenue and create over 1,000 jobs for local residents. While much of Aquaman will be shot in Queensland, James Wan revealed to his Twitter followers that shooting locations in Italy would also be used.

Aquaman is set for an October 5, 2018, theatrical release.

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