More Than Half Of Democrats And Independents Agree: Hillary Clinton Should Not Run For President Again [Opinion]

According to a recent poll, more than half the democrat and independent poll-takers agree that Hillary Clinton should not run for president again in the 2020 election, Politico reports.

A poll released on Wednesday by Suffolk University and USA Today showed the support for Hillary has drastically reduced since she lost the election to President-elect Donald Trump.

An incredible poll shows that 62 percent of the democratic and independent parties do not think that the presidential candidate, who might I say has failed two times in her race to become the United States president, should run in the 2020 election.

Further, the poll shows the majority of poll-takers believe that the constitution should not be changed so that the electoral college would be overtaken by popular votes during election time.

As far as those who took part in this poll, 34 percent were Democrats, 30.4 percent were Republicans, 28.6 percent were Independents, and the remaining 7 percent considered themselves something else, or did not choose to say.

Besides the majority of the poll-takers thinking that Hillary Clinton should give up her dreams of ever being the President of the United States, the poll also showed that more than half were unfavorable of Hillary. President-elect Donald Trump also had more leaning towards unfavorable, but 13.9 percent were still undecided of whether or not they support him, so there’s still room for improvement.

A recent poll shows many are favorable of Donald Trump's presidency.
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Somewhat surprisingly, the majority were favorable of President Obama. Further, the majority approved of his job as the president of the United States, and rated him mostly as a “good president.”

The highest percentage of poll-takers agreed that President Obama’s “greatest accomplishment” during his presidency was the healthcare. Although the Affordable Healthcare Act had some perks, especially for those with preexisting conditions, it did have some downfalls.

According to ABC News, the premiums under Obamacare increased by 7.5 percent between 2015 and 2016, nearly tripling the original amount. Some may wonder how is this is considered an accomplishment.

The poll showed conflicting information, as the highest percentage of poll-takers said that they thought Obama’s “biggest failure” during his presidency was Obamacare. What are your true feelings, people? A whopping 20.7 percent of those who took the time to voice their opinions thought that President Obama had absolutely no accomplishments during his presidency.

Now let’s talk about the poll-takers’ view on our president-elect. When asked whether they are excited, alarmed, hopeful, bored, or undecided, it was a close match-up between hopeful and alarmed. One shall say, “If you are not hopeful and optimistic, then you just give up.”

Although the majority are optimistic of Donald Trump’s presidency, more than half the poll-takers think that he needs to take adequate steps to prevent conflicts of interest between his business interests and the countries interest. What does this mean exactly? Should he just abandon his highly successful business that has brought him billions and billions of dollars?

A poll shows that the majority think that Donald Trump needs to take adequate steps to avoid conflicts of interest between his business and our country's needs.
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While Donald Trump has confirmed his presidency, we no longer must whine and complain about how we can change the outcome, but accept it and provide our input on what he needs to do to be a successful president. According to the poll, the majority think that President-elect Donald Trump should concentrate on creating and preserving jobs. Fortunately, according to his campaign, this is one of his top priorities.

Secondly, the poll-takers think that Trump should fight ISIS and terrorism, as well as “drain the swamp” by clearing out the corrupt government inside the White House.

Surprisingly, only 7 percent of them thought that Trump should concentrate on building a wall and deporting all illegal immigrants. Another surprising fact, all but 1.2 percent of the poll-takers think that President-elect Donald Trump should seek a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. I guess most of America does have their priorities straight after all. Our country can’t succeed without jobs, fighting terrorism and ISIS, and changing the corrupt government that currently fills the White House.

Perhaps we truly are moving in the right direction.

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