Dr. Drew Still Has Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Healthcare

Dr. Drew still has worries about the way physicians are treating Hillary Clinton’s health issues, describing some of the care as reckless, unusual, and weird rather than standard, in comments made during a podcast with Adam Corolla.

“Clinton’s treatment should not be based on who she is, but rather, on her condition,” Dr. Drew asserted, according to The Daily Caller.

You may recall that about a week after expressing grave concerns during a Los Angeles radio interview about then Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health (in which he alluded to possible brain damage) and what he considered the primitive healthcare treatment that she was receiving, Dr. Drew Pinsky, the ubiquitous TV physician and board-certified internist, lost his long-running gig on CNN sister network HLN.

According to what an insider told The Wrap at the time, HLN supposedly decided to cancel his show well before Pinsky’s controversial radio comments, however, as part of a network-wide ongoing rebranding, which also previously signaled the end to Nancy Grace’s long-running program. Dr. Drew’s final show aired on September 22. It was also supposedly a mutual decision, Variety then reported.

Dr. Drew thinks doctors are treating Hillary Clinton recklessly

Perhaps fueling rumors about her health during the election season (along with the often trending hashtag #HillarysHealth), Hillary Clinton suffered several coughing fits on the campaign trail and reportedly cleared her throat 22 times during her presidential nomination acceptance speech in Philadelphia in July. The mainstream media, however, dismissed any questions about Hillary’s health as unfounded conspiracy theories at least until the candidate collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony, which was later attributed to pneumonia.

In the “Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast (listen to the clip below and draw your own conclusions), Dr. Drew said that “I still am worried about what her doctors are doing. They were giving her a medication that was known to cause hyper-coagulability…[Hillary Clinton] has had three very serious clotting–unusual clotting experiences.”

Contrary to popular perception, Pinsky claimed that one-percenters or celebrities don’t necessarily get the best healthcare even if they have doctors at their beck and call.

“As soon as you go into the exceptional, you’re outside of standard, you’re into bad…Doctors get turned on by taking care of special people, ‘They’re going to think I’m really good. How extraordinary; Hillary Clinton thinks I’m the best doctor in the land.’ They get turned on by it too much. It should be just another patient, who happens to be doing something extraordinary, but if you treat them as extraordinary, you’re doing them a disservice. This is why we have Prince, this is why you have Michael Jackson, you name the cases, one after another. And she had a severe head injury…where her eyes don’t move together…that’s leftover brain injury from the fall…”

He also seemed to suggest that Clinton may have been misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism, and the pneumonia-related event may have been more serious than acknowledged.

According to what a source close to the situation supposedly told the Page Six gossip section of the New York Post around the time when Dr. Drew lost his show, “CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew. First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

Dr. Drew again raises questions about Hillary's health

An inside source described the pressure in the form of a follow-up series of phone calls and emails as “downright scary and creepy,” the Post added. “Dr. Drew Pinsky is so afraid of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, he won’t blame them for the cancellation of his show on HLN,” and just wanted them to leave him alone, the Post claimed.

In the podcast, Dr. Drew also pushed back against previous criticism that it was unethical for him to discuss Hillary Clinton’s health on the radio, insisting that he was commenting on information that the former secretary of state’s doctor had released into the public domain.

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